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The Life of Daniel Wasson

Daniel Wasson made the ultimate sacrifice on April 12, 1987 while conducting a motor vehicle stop on Boston Post Road in Milford, Connecticut.

Two years after his passing, Milford hosted a memorial featuring a baseball field and scholarship fund to pay homage to him.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Wasson graduated from Liberty High School and then attended the U.S. Air Force Academy, where he excelled as an exceptional soccer player. Among other accolades, Wasson made two all-MVC first teams and an All-Midwest Region second team before transferring to Tulsa for further studies.

Bob now leads on overall vision while Danny concentrates on commercial aspects. These responsibilities allow each brother to use their strengths, and have helped their company expand.

Milford residents have not forgotten Wasson, and numerous initiatives exist to honor him from infrastructure upgrades to scholarships. Each time Milford police recruits suit up for duty they are reminded of Wasson’s sacrifice.

Professional Career

After college, Danny joined his family business. Now the three Wasson brothers divide up their duties: Bob oversees overall operations while Danny handles residential and commercial aspects of it. Their division of duties plays to each brother’s strengths while expanding their company.

Dan is an active bassist in Pittsburgh Jazz/R&B scene and has worked alongside Gerald Haymon, James and Pam Johnson, Eric Johnson’s Fabulous A Team recording and others.

Milford continues to honor Officer Daniel Wasson three decades after his death with infrastructure and scholarships that bear his name, remembering him by loved ones and the community at large. A baseball field on 70 West River Street bears his name as well as the Milford Police Benevolent Association’s Daniel S. Wasson Scholarship.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Wasson was an upstanding individual admired by all. He had an admirable work ethic, always seeing the positive in any situation and enjoyed playing his favorite sport of soccer.

In 1987, Milford honored Daniel Wasson by naming their baseball field on 70 West River Street after him and creating a scholarship fund in his name to aid students interested in law enforcement careers.

On May 30th 2019, Wasson Field was rededicated. Joseph A. Foran and Jonathan Law High School Bands performed, with Wasson’s brothers present for this event. Additionally, home run derbies and police dog demonstrations took place as part of its festivities.

Personal Life

Milford Police Officer Daniel Wasson was killed 30 years ago this week during a routine motor vehicle stop on Boston Post Road when he and K-9 partner General were shot by Thomas Hoyesen who was on an extended cocaine binge at that time.

Wasson’s badge number 60 has since been retired and preserved in the city police department. New police academy recruits learn his story when they enter for their initial training sessions.

Wasson has two sons, Bob and Danny. Both sons are active participants in their family business; Bob oversees all retail centers while Danny works on residential/commercial aspects of it.

Net Worth

Daniel L Wasson reportedly boasts an estimated net worth between $1 and $9 Million USD, due primarily to his income generated through playing soccer professionally.

As Wasson Nursery expanded, Bob ventured back into corporate America for a short while; but quickly returned to oversee its expansion; while Dan managed inside retail centers and Tom oversaw outdoor residential/commercial areas – playing to each brother’s strengths in order to help Wasson Nursery achieve even further growth.

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