Daniel Tirelli

Daniel Tirelli – An Expert in Martial Arts

The European Laboratory for Structural Assessment (ELSA) brings applied science into the public sphere through demonstration shaking tables. Francesco Marazzi and Daniel Tirelli explain how earthquake-proof buildings are designed and tested.

On November 16th 2022, Mr. Tirelli tendered his resignation as a Board member, Audit Committee member and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of the Company member.

Early Life and Education

Daniel J Tirelli from South Setauket, New York is an expert in martial arts. Leveraging his years of experience as the owner and head instructor of a Yonkers martial arts school, Daniel J Tirelli uses this expertise to help students build strong mindsets, disciplines and mental toughness. Daniel brings an unbridled sense of adventure and discipline into everything he does; from mountain climbing and wrestling competitions to teaching martial arts lessons.

At present, it’s unclear what his plans are after his term is over in 2025; two of his sons serve with the NYPD and may help guide any decisions about their father’s retirement plans.

She was the beloved mother of Sandra and Frank Tirelli from Kingston, Ontario; beloved sister-in-law to Maddalena Vesca (Luisa deceased) from Nobleton, ON; as well as numerous nieces and nephews in Italy.

Professional Career

He has graced New York stages such as The Lark and Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre with classics like Life Is a Dream, while also appearing in several motion pictures and commercials.

His extensive accounting expertise includes 30 years at Deloitte – one of the premier global accounting firms. He sits on their Strategic Advisory Board as well as on Finaxstrure Associates LLC’s Board.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated in the millions, thanks to hard work. He has made an impactful name for himself in martial arts circles with his fierce dedication and perseverance that have earned him many championships and achievements in MMA and judo – something evident by how he trains his students and teaches them.

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