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Dan Slack, MD, a Bariatric Surgery Specialist

Daniel Slack specializes in bariatric surgery in Buffalo, NY and completed his residency at Trinity Medical in Western New York. Additionally, he accepts multiple insurance plans.

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Early Life and Education

Daniel Slack was an attentive husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend who enjoyed spending time with his family while participating in men’s league hockey, golfing and scuba diving activities – not to mention camping trips outdoors!

He brings over three years of experience to his position at City of Houston, TX as a Supervisor. Additionally, he holds a master’s degree in business administration as well as additional coursework in healthcare management.

He currently accepts multiple insurance providers; Sharecare’s insurance check can help you identify whether he accepts your specific plan. He studied at Saint George’s University / School of Medicine before practicing medicine at Trinity Medical, West New York as part of Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center and Cabarrus. Furthermore, he holds membership in the American College of Surgery.

Professional Career

Dan Slack has been developing real estate for 28 years. Specializing in commercial office, retail and hospitality projects – and having completed over $1B worth of projects during his career. Presently he serves as Chief Executive Officer of Robert Slack Real Estate, Florida Funding & Florida Title.

Slack’s founders never expected that their internal team communication app would become such a successful business venture. At first, it was simply intended as an organizational solution for Glitch game development company.

Slack’s wide acceptance is due to its proven effectiveness at increasing productivity. The team messaging app has proven itself useful by cutting meetings and emails down significantly while increasing transparency and collaboration levels while also providing features like document storage and screen sharing.

Achievement and Honors

General internists specialize in treating adult male and female patients for various common illnesses. Additionally, these physicians perform physical exams and other primary care services.

According to Slack’s LinkedIn profile, he serves as Board Chair of Leave No Trace. The Colorado-based non-profit and charitable organization falls into the Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations industry and offers services related to conservation.

At Slack’s San Francisco office, designers drew inspiration for the space from wilderness environments–hikers meeting on mountain trails or campers camping at their sites–evoking the sense of community people feel when sharing resources in nature. Their design evoked this feeling while reflecting how work helps us grow as individuals while shaping character and contributing to pride.

Spotify Advertising was recognized for increasing productivity by automating campaign lifecycles and streamlining high-touch service ops, garnering them this year’s Unlocking Productivity award in Asia-Pacific.

Personal Life

Daniel Slack resides with his wife in a rural part of the US and enjoys spending time with June, his border collie heeler companion. Daniel also reads extensively and enjoys engaging in meaningful dialogue. Additionally, he loves watching Astros games while praying.

He has showcased his works in numerous shows and galleries throughout the US. His pieces draw upon cultural experiences gained during travels overseas which has informed his approach to art; unconstrained by parameters set by home culture regarding what constitutes art he has tapped into the romantic spiritualism inherent to native artwork from distant lands.

Healthgrades indicates that Dr. Slack is affiliated with Trinity Medical of Western New York and Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center.

Net Worth

Co-Founder of Slack has amassed more than 109,290 units of WORK stock worth more than $49 Million dollars and made around 200 trades of this asset class during the past four years.

Slack is a team messaging and collaboration platform with real-time communication in mind. Thanks to its innovative features and intuitive design, Slack has established itself as an industry leader with its incredible market share and revenue growth.

Slack’s success can be attributed to its customer retention and revenue expansion strategies. Slack’s top 1% customers generate 100x more value than its average existing customer, which results in a healthy marketing return on investment (ROI). Long customer lifetimes with low churn rates contribute to this phenomenon; typical Slack users spend 9 hours every weekday online.

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