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Michael Shoffner

Early Life and Education

Michael Shoffner was born and passed away in.

He was an American baseball player who earned major league berth as both a left-handed pitcher.

Shoffner was inspired to become a professional baseball player by watching his father Herman Shoffner play minor league baseball himself. Herman taught him the sport while also inspiring his dreams of becoming one himself.

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Shoffner was a resident of Franklinville, North Carolina who died on October 15 2007 at age 53 and was interred at Randolph Memorial Park in Asheboro. He was married to Mary S Shoffner.

Net Worth

Elizabeth Shoffner was born in Pennsylvania on January 7, 1814 and died 69 years later on January 9, 1860 at Death Place North Carolina at Age of 69 years. She was interred at Burial Site.

Elizabeth married David Quay between 1830-1884 when she was 19 years old; this marriage produced one child: Sallie K Quay Templin who resided with Elizabeth until 1850 at her address in Pennsylvania.

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