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Judge Daniel Shanes

Judge Shanes serves as a Circuit Court judge in Lake County’s 19th Judicial Circuit, presiding judge of its felony division. Prior to that he spent 12 years as an assistant State’s Attorney there, where he led prosecution on child sexual predator and first-degree murder cases as one of its lead prosecutors. Furthermore, he belongs to both the Illinois Judicial Conference and Supreme Court Committee on Pattern Jury Instructions for Criminal Cases – membership that allows him to conduct these important duties effectively.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Shanes was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1973 and studied classical music as a child before discovering that music-making came naturally to him. Quickly becoming recognized for his compositions, singer and piano performances; Daniel went on to establish an outstanding reputation.

After being appointed an associate judge in 2007, he was elected as a circuit court felony trial judge where he hears the most serious cases. Prior to this appointment, he served for 12 years as assistant state’s attorney in Lake County where he led prosecution of numerous high-profile child sexual predator and first-degree murder cases.

His articles have been cited by both the Illinois Supreme Court and Appellate Court, while he belongs to both the Illinois Judges Association and Lake County Bar Association.

Professional Career

Judge Shanes serves on the 19th Judicial Circuit Court bench in Lake County as an associate judge since 2007. Voters confirmed his retention twice more – 2012 and 2018. He oversees both criminal and law division cases.

He serves on the Illinois Judicial College Board of Trustees and on the Supreme Court Committee on Pattern Jury Instructions in Criminal Cases, teaching judges throughout Illinois. Additionally, many courts of review and legal treatises have cited his legal articles.

Outside the courtroom, Shane Haste wrestles professionally for New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), using his ring name Shane Haste. He holds two GHC Tag Team Championship titles and has competed at Pro Wrestling Noah and NJPW America promotions here in America.

Achievement and Honors

Shanes served as an assistant state’s attorney for 12 years, specializing in prosecuting first-degree murderers and child sexual predators as well as acting as lead prosecutor in high-profile civil cases involving medical malpractice and contract disputes, according to him.

He was appointed to fill a circuit judge vacancy in 2007 and elected twice since, both times to retain it as deputy chief judge of all court divisions, including felonies, misdemeanor/traffic violations, family, juvenile/restorative justice proceedings.

He serves on the Illinois Supreme Court’s Judicial College Board of Trustees as Chairperson and is a certified new judge mentor, in addition to serving on boards such as Illinois Judges Association and Lake County Bar Association. Furthermore, the Illinois Supreme Court recognized him with being designated a distinguished senior judge.

Personal Life

He serves on the Illinois Judicial College Board of Trustees, teaching judicial education courses throughout Illinois. In addition, he sits on boards for local homeless shelters and transitional living facilities for women and children as well as Lake County Bar Association.

Shane has served on Lake County Circuit Court’s felony division since 2007. As such, he presides over serious criminal felony cases while also handling civil law matters.

Shane and Jenna have one child together. He enjoys travelling with his family and coaching youth sports. His passion is baseball and he once pitched professionally; he remains an ardent fan of both Tampa Bay Rays and New York Mets teams.

Net Worth

Shanes is an accomplished practicing attorney. After earning his law degree at the University of Iowa in 1988, he continued his education at DePaul University School of Law – graduating with his JD in 1993 and serving as part of its Law Review during that time.

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