Daniel Morehead

Daniel Morehead

Daniel Morehead is an outcome-based sales professional specializing in complex solution sales across a variety of executive stakeholders and contract vehicles, such as public sector entities, utilities/energy providers, credit unions and business process outsourcers. With 29+ years of experience within this industry and having graduated from Texas A&M University / Main Campus.

Early Life and Education

Morehead State University has long been recognized as an essential agent of change in rural Appalachia. Today it stands out as a respected regional public university with more than 64,000 alumni and remains at the heart of rural progress.

Dan Morehead was raised on a cattle ranch near Columbus, Montana and owned a cherry orchard overlooking Flathead Lake in Polson. An avid sports fan who particularly favored San Francisco 49ers football games, Morehead enjoyed fishing, camping, BBQing, BBQ parties, camping with Skye his spoiled cat and more.

Debbie Daniel has over four years of experience in development, alumni relations and donor relations at UGA since 2014. Currently she serves as Director of Development for the Jere W. Morehead Honors College where her expertise lies in creating programs and initiatives designed to increase alumni and donor engagement and fundraising – she is a certified fundraising professional (CFP).

Professional Career

Daniel Morehead currently holds the Director, International Sales position at Grason-Stadler after having worked in this industry for eleven years in multiple roles.

He possesses extensive expertise in outcome-based selling, as well as complex solution sales requiring alignment between cross-organization commitments and executive stakeholders and budgets. He boasts a long track record of closing deals involving large government contracts as well as intricate partnerships or contract vehicles.

Morehead maintains private practices in Austin and Boston and speaks nationally on mental health advocacy issues. His book Science Over Stigma: Education and Advocacy for Mental Health published by APA Publishing addresses stigma against mental illness; his interests span psychotherapy, brain science, spirituality. A graduate of Texas A&M University/Main Campus with Board Certification in Psychiatry

Achievement and Honors

Morehead received numerous honors during his time at Catawba. These included being presented the Bethany and Aidan Sinnott Poetry Award given out each year for senior poetry students who show exceptional promise as poets; as well as winning Martha Morehead Award given out each year to students who contributed the most to The Arrowhead literary journal.

Morehead was honored to receive honors on two teams in 2008: Austin Peay’s Trey Lucas as catcher and Eastern Kentucky first baseman Richie Rodriguez on first base respectively. Furthermore, Morehead earned All-Freshman honors.

Other achievements of note for Jace include winning The Worth Award, given to an undergraduate who demonstrates sustained excellence in philosophy studies, as well as receiving the Marty Pomerantz Sports Clubs Council Achievement Award, presented to students who contribute most positively to strengthening and vitalizing school sports club programs.

Personal Life

Daniel Morehead is a family man who takes great pleasure in life’s simple pleasures – fishing at Lake Marvin, watching football games on TV, playing with his spoiled cat and barbecuing. Additionally, Daniel loves reading, writing and performing magic tricks – among many other pursuits!

At Tufts Medical Center, Morehead currently serves as director of residency training and advocates nationally for mental health advocacy; his book Science Over Stigma: Education and Advocacy for Mental Health was recently published. Morehead maintains private practices in Austin and Boston MA, with special interests in brain science, psychotherapy, spirituality.

Morehead has over 29 years of experience in the industry and holds both a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University – Main Campus and an MD degree from UT Southwestern Medical School – Dallas.

Net Worth

Morehead has amassed an enormous net worth thanks to his early bets on Bitcoin. Pantera Capital was among the first investment firms dedicated exclusively to digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Pantera Capital began as a traditional macro hedge fund. But in 2013, Morehead decided to shift their firm’s focus towards cryptocurrency investments – investing in various startups such as BitGo, Xapo and ShapeShift among others.

Morehead began his career at Goldman Sachs where he traded mortgage derivative securities. Later, he co-founded and served as CEO of Atriax, an electronic foreign exchange platform. Furthermore, Morehead managed macro trading units for Bankers Trust both in North America and Japan – garnering him immense experience over time. His extensive expertise is undoubtedly impressive.

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