Daniel Moe

The Life and Times of Daniel Moe

Moe, born into a Lutheran pastor’s family, first started his musical journey as a pianist before studying saxophone at Concordia College and ultimately attending University of Iowa.

He went on to conduct Sarasota’s Key Chorale and teach at New College of Florida. Additionally, his love of music inspired those around him.

Early Life and Education

Moe was initially accepted into the Naval V-5 Aviation Cadet program after graduating high school, playing both tenor saxophone and clarinet for various Navy bands. Subsequently he attended Concordia College in Moorhead Minnesota initially as a pre-theological student but ultimately flunked Greek exams and switched his majors to music instead.

Once graduated, he began teaching schools and choir directing at several churches; additionally he composed music that has appeared in hymnals such as The Hymnal 1982, Ecumenical Praise and Lutheran Book of Worship.

Moe was also one of the founding members of Key Chorale in Sarasota, Florida and directed it for 21 years until leaving Sarasota. A talented glass artist, Moe specialized in blowing and sculpting hot glass to form shapes and forms using hot techniques such as layering colors onto its surface as well as carving into it coldly using cold techniques such as layering colors into layers to carve into its surface.

Professional Career

At five, Daniel Moe began his musical training. Beginning with piano and clarinet studies at Olivet Lutheran Church (his father’s parish), where he sang in their children’s choir. Later in high school he joined various school bands and orchestras before later picking up jazz with a tenor saxophone to influence his future compositions.

In February 1950, he began studying master’s degree music at Hamline University; however, three weeks into his program they discontinued it altogether and enrolled instead at University of Denver as lecturer in church music while leading choirs at Augustana Lutheran Church and Central Presbyterian Church.

He later moved to the University of Iowa, where he established one of the nation’s premier graduate programs in choral conducting. There he held director of choral organizations for 20 years.

Achievement and Honors

Moe was director of choral organizations at the University of Iowa from 1961 to 1972 and professor of choral conducting at Oberlin Conservatory for twenty years, touring choirs internationally and performing at Carnegie Hall.

He composed numerous hymns and anthems, published in Lutheran Hymnal 1982, Ecumenical Praise and Episcopal Book of Worship. From 1994 until his death in 2012 he served as composer in residence at Church of the Redeemer in Sarasota Florida until becoming composer laureate there.

Moe was a dedicated outdoorsman and avid mountain climber, known for his kindness and generousity toward others. A member of Wyoming Alpine Club, Moe enjoyed practicing an extreme version of free-range parenting at Snowy Range and Vedauwoo crags. Moe fathered five children himself while serving his community through outdoor adventures like mountain climbing. His character stood out among his peers; known for their unwavering respect and unfaltering kindness toward one and all alike.

Personal Life

Daniel Moe was an esteemed composer, choral conductor, and pedagogue who led numerous choral organizations on international tours under his guidance. Additionally, he wrote numerous compositions as well as two books on conducting. Moe was known for his masterful composing techniques and generous nature.

He founded Sarasota’s Key Chorale symphony chorus and served as its director for 21 years, teaching at Oberlin Conservatory of Music during that time as well.

He is married to Julie Richmond Stopen and they share two daughters together: Rochelle and Rebecca. When not spending time on the beach in Hawaii with his family he likes working on his lawn care business and helping friends and neighbors whenever possible. His glass work draws inspiration from nature; particularly ocean life and Kilauea volcano.

Net Worth

Moe is an Irish actor who has made his mark in the entertainment industry through hard work and talent, garnering numerous accolades and an enormous fan base. He charges competitive rates for acting roles in movies and TV series.

Moe is also the director of Sarasota’s symphony chorus, Key Chorale, and was on the faculty of Concordia College in St Paul, Minnesota for one semester in 1994 as Rene Clausen was away on sabbatical leave. Together with Iman Meskini from Skam, he visited Oslo Pride along with fellow actors Carl Martin Eggesb and Marianne Furevold-Boland from Carl Martin Eggesb and Marianne Furevold-Boland from Carl Martin Eggesb and Boland before appearing as guests on numerous radio shows as sabbatical replacement for Rene Clausen himself.

Moe lives a private lifestyle, not sharing details of his private life in public. However, he remains dedicated to his family and fond of them all.

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