Daniel Methe

Daniel Methe, 44, is a Music Teacher in Orange County, California

Daniel Methe, music director at Yorba Linda Middle School in Orange County was arrested Thursday, July 25 after police discovered he had violated one of his former students from 2011-2015, according to OCSD Special Victims Detail statement. Estey & Bomberger are dedicated to helping survivors of institutional abuse obtain justice.

Early Life and Education

On Thursday, July 25, a music teacher in Orange County was arrested on charges of sexually molesting one of his teenage students. Daniel Methe was taken into custody by police at his home after having inappropriate contact with the girl between 2011 and her 15th birthday, according to Orange County Sheriff’s Department Special Victims Detail reports.

Methe was serving as music director at Yorba Linda Middle School at the time of alleged molestation and may have molested a female student between 13-15.

Estey & Bomberger is committed to helping survivors of institutional abuse obtain justice. If you or a loved one is experiencing abuse, contact us immediately so we can explore all available legal avenues – consultations are completely confidential and free!

Professional Career

Dan Methe is an accomplished professional who has worked across various fields during his career. Currently he specializes in Law Firms & Legal Services at Link & Rockenbach.

He has experience as a parachute rigger, in construction, and ironworking and is skilled in using various tools, equipment, and systems. Additionally, his wide range of interpersonal skills enable him to successfully lead mission-focused and highly qualified teams towards meeting their work requirements.

He has worked as a SAG stuntman on films featuring Hollywood actors. His deep understanding of life’s transitions and increased possibilities helps others expand their own.

Personal Life

Daniel Methe is well-recognized within the Orange County community for his work at Yorba Linda Middle School; however, he has recently been accused of sexually molesting one or more students at that school. On Thursday July 25th Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrested Daniel at his home and is being held under $100,000 bond until further notice.

Methe has served as music director at the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District for more than 10 years and directed various bands – such as Yorba Linda Middle School Jazz Band. Additionally, he performed worldwide as part of Doc Severinsen’s Tonight Show Band and has directed his own bands as well.

If Daniel Methe abused you or someone close to you, Estey & Bomberger attorneys are here to help. Our compassionate legal team has extensive experience representing victims of institutional abuse and can assist them in seeking justice.

Net Worth

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