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The Life of Daniel Ludeman

Daniel Ludeman has been actively engaged with various organizations and businesses. He currently sits on the board of Concordance Academy of Leadership – an extension of Project COPE that assists people reentering society after having served time behind bars – where he serves on its board of trustees.

Daniel Ludeman is an Independent Director at Stifel, and currently receives an annual salary of $192,369. As of 13 June 2023.

Early Life and Education

After years in the brokerage business, Ludeman responded to his spiritual calling of serving others by founding Concordance. Today he serves on multiple local boards and attends Covenant Seminary where he’s studying towards his divinity degree.

Ludeman believes that decreasing prison recidivism rates will bring many downstream benefits, including lower crime rates in St. Louis and across the nation. He is currently working with academics at Washington University to develop and test a holistic integrated approach which includes education, life skills training, housing support services, employment assistance and mentorship services.

Joanne was an exemplary wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. She lived a full and rewarding life before passing peacefully at home surrounded by family members – she will be missed dearly by those who knew and loved her.

Professional Career

Ludeman played an instrumental role in growing Wells Fargo Advisors into one of the nation’s three largest full-service brokerage firms through various mergers. Additionally, he served on the management committee at Wells Fargo & Company from 1999-2014 and began his career at Wheat First Securities in Virginia before helping lead a series of acquisitions and mergers that eventually gave rise to Wells Fargo Advisors.

James holds both a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Virginia Commonwealth University and Master of Business Administration from the College of William and Mary. Additionally, he is involved with local community and industry organizations; these include serving on the boards for Securities Industry Association (Chairman), Eskimo Pie, United Way of Greater St. Louis, Missouri Botanical Garden, The Muny, CityArchRiver 2015 and Washington University in St. Louis; while also attending Covenant Seminary to pursue divinity degree.

Achievement and Honors

After his retirement from brokerage industry, Ludeman turned his attention toward crime and reentry issues. He founded Concordance Academy for Leadership as a new initiative that will assist people preparing to transition out of prison by offering education, job-readiness training and housing – in addition to mental health treatment and substance abuse counseling services. Ludeman has raised $9 Million so far through donations from large corporations and civic groups for this initiative.

In November, Ludeman received the inaugural Presidents Award from Public Relations Society of America – St Louis chapter. This prestigious accolade recognizes passionate leaders in the community who use PR to serve others, with Ludeman receiving it during PRSA’s ImPRessions event hosted by KSDK Today in St Louis co-anchor Rene Knott as host.

Personal Life

Ludeman was active in the legislative process, serving on House Agriculture, Environment & Natural Resources Committee; Government Operations; Labor-Management Relations Committee and minority whip committee.

He served as president of Wachovia Securities before it was acquired by Wells Fargo Advisors, as well as leading its acquisition. When it came time for their integration, an independent industry analyst reported he performed flawlessly.

Now he is committed to his new career path: as president and CEO of Concordance Academy, an initiative dedicated to aiding former prisoners. Concordance offers job-readiness training, mental health treatment, education, housing assistance, guaranteed employment upon program completion – and has raised an astounding $9 Million through donors and civic groups.

Net Worth

Ludeman has dedicated part of his life to charitable activities. Through the Concordance Academy of Leadership – an extension of Project Cope – Ludeman works to assist ex-cons in their reintegration into society through education, employment readiness training, substance abuse treatment, mental health therapy services and housing programs designed to reduce recidivism.

Ludeman will depart Wells Fargo Advisors as of January 1. To replace him, Wells Fargo Advisors executive Mary Mack who had led its financial services group is being named as his replacement. Mack has spent much of her career banking while Ludeman honed his craft through brokerage. Analysts anticipate her appointment will indicate the direction in which Wells Fargo wants its brokerage operations to move – one more in keeping with its bank than with A.G Edwards and Wachovia (which was acquired by Wells Fargo).

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