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Dan Linskey – Former Superintendent-in-Chief of the Boston Police Department

Dan Linskey led Boston through some of its darkest hours as Superintendent-in-Chief before serving clients across various industries with security, crisis management and risk assessment services through Kroll Group.

He serves as managing director in Kroll Boston’s security risk management practice and serves as head of their Boston office. Additionally, he has provided consulting and training services at local, state, and federal levels.

Early Life and Education

Chief Linskey was an ardent student of leadership and advocate of community policing who began his law enforcement career with Boston Police Department as the youngest officer ever hired there at 21. Over 27 years he eventually rose through the ranks to become the highest ranking sworn member at their department: Superintendent-in-Chief (SIC).

He emphasizes the difference between telling team members what needs to be accomplished and communicating why these tasks need to be completed, and showing how his approach contributed to successful responses to events like the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and Occupy movement.

He is an accomplished speaker on large-scale event planning and management, crisis leadership training and law enforcement training issues, providing consultation to local, state and international government agencies on these matters. Additionally, Linskey Group was established to offer security, law enforcement and public safety services to clients worldwide.

Professional Career

Dan Linskey built an extraordinary career that spans from Boston’s streets to Harvard Executive Development Programs and Quantico Police Academy – honing his leadership abilities through triumph and tragedy alike in pursuit of building high performing teams and units.

Dan served for 27 years with the Boston Police Department before taking on his current role of Superintendent in Chief, providing strong leadership through some of its most tragic and contentious events – such as the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Now serving clients as head of Kroll Security Risk Management practice’s Boston office and offering law enforcement, investigation, security risk management services to them as a managing director at Kroll.

One of his leadership lessons was that it’s important not only to tell team members what tasks need to be completed but also explain the why behind those needs.

Achievement and Honors

He provided strong leadership during some of Boston’s most trying moments, including the 2013 Marathon bombings and Occupy Movement. Now serving clients from diverse industries through Kroll Investigations & Disputes practice, providing law enforcement, crisis management, and risk strategies.

Linskey takes audiences on an immersive tour through his remarkable career that began as the youngest officer ever in Boston Police Department history and ended as city’s top cop. He is widely revered for his ability to communicate complex topics clearly and understandably.

He served on the Department of Justice team sent to Ferguson, Missouri by President Obama to assist with the aftermath of an officer-involved shooting and has worked collaboratively with law enforcement and communities on domestic and international levels to promote collaborative reform strategies.

Personal Life

Daniel Linskey led the Boston Police Department through some of its most trying times and challenging events – such as the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing – offering his unique perspective and insight. Additionally, he shares lessons learned.

He emphasizes the importance of communicating clearly to your team what their tasks should be; but equally essential to provide an explanation as to why they need to achieve those results. He recounts being shocked when one of his officers disobeyed official orders by standing idly before an 8-year-old victim instead of providing treatment as was needed at that moment.

He works closely with law enforcement agencies at local, state and international levels to improve community-police relationships. Additionally, he consults organizations on dignitary protection, risk management and emergency response services.

Net Worth

Dan has gained respect from industry professionals worldwide due to his combined law enforcement and security experience. As Superintendent-in-Chief of the Boston Police Department (BPD), he led his officers through some of Boston’s most tragic and trying moments and events, such as the 2013 Marathon bombings when two suspects used pressure cookers to detonate explosive devices. His expertise in large-scale event and emergency crisis management is widely respected among law enforcement, security, and government leaders. Today, he heads Kroll’s Investigations and Disputes practice from Boston; additionally providing clients with full range of security, law enforcement, disaster recovery services including dignitary protection, risk assessments, confidential investigations as well as confidential investigations.

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