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Daniel Linford – Dentistry Practitioner

Daniel takes pride in providing meticulous and meticulous service for his clients. He takes the time to learn your business and its challenges before working together on creating tailored solutions that meet those needs.

Linford hails from Davis County and began his education career by teaching high school before being appointed Viewmont’s assistant principal in 2005. He earned both a bachelor’s and doctorate degree from Weber State University before earning the doctorate degree from Utah’s University.

Early Life and Education

FARMINGTON — The Davis School District has appointed Daniel Linford its 19th Superintendent during a special meeting this Wednesday night. Voting unanimously, board members approved Daniel’s nomination during a special meeting; he will begin his duties July 1, replacing Reid Newey who will retire at the end of this school year. Currently overseeing eight secondary schools as director for secondary education for Davis District; Linford began teaching English to high schoolers as early as 2005 before transitioning into an assistant principal role at Viewmont High School as an assistant principal assistant principal before becoming principal in 2011. Linford holds bachelor’s, master’s degrees from Weber State University while his doctorate comes from University of Utah.

He is easily the best professor at TNCC; his classes require considerable reading and assignments; but with dedication and effort you will pass his class with flying colors! Very knowledgeable and readily available for assistance if needed.

Professional Career

Prof Linford is undeniably one of the finest professors at TNCC. His knowledge is unrivaled and he’s always eager to assist his students. Although his classes require extensive reading assignments and grading can be harsh, with effort you will pass his courses!

Dr. Hecht has developed an innovative comprehensive joint replacement practice covering hip, knee and ankle arthroplasty – in addition to treating sports injuries, trauma and fracture care.

At the meeting, Linford thanked his family and district staff as he introduced himself to the community. Linford will soon replace Reid Newey who resigned last year following a Justice Department investigation that revealed racism and bullying issues at schools within his district; Newey faced lawsuit from a parent whose 10-year-old daughter committed suicide due to bullying at one of its schools; this time around Linford faced no such obstacles and welcomed everyone he met during his introduction speech.

Achievement and Honors

Davis School District in Farmington has appointed Daniel Linford to take over as its new superintendent, replacing Reid Newey. Linford was announced at a special board meeting Wednesday night as their replacement; previously teaching and serving as administrator at Viewmont High School he has extensive knowledge about running schools.

Linford is an expert working at the intersection of philosophy of science and religion. His research covers crucial issues within both fields, such as scientific explanation and the creation of our universe.

At TNCC, he is one of the premier professors and has made it his mission to provide his students with essential life skills and values. Though an uncompromising instructor, who pushes his students to think critically yet remains fair.

Personal Life

Daniel Linford, an established dentist based out of Salt Lake City who accepts multiple insurance plans and has been practicing dentistry for 23 years, offers various insurance plans.

His district has been grappling with student suicides, bullying incidents, and an investigation by the Department of Justice into racial discrimination – creating an extremely trying time for school boards and communities alike.

Linford thanked his family and staff as he was introduced at Wednesday evening’s school board meeting. He will succeed outgoing superintendent Reid Newey who plans to retire at the end of this year.

Linford criticizes how his contemporaries (Karen Armstrong, John Haught and David Hart) approach divine transcendence in their popular books in an improper fashion; an approach not sufficient enough for metaphysics or scientifically acceptable.

Net Worth

Linford has amassed a net worth estimated to be $153,418, as per public records. His annual salary is more than double the median income in Davis County.

Linford was appointed superintendent of Davis School District in June 2021, replacing Reid Newey after holding numerous town hall meetings and surveys to gauge community sentiment for a candidate to lead their district.

Since becoming Superintendent, he has faced many difficult issues during his short time at the helm, such as student suicide issues and allegations of racism and bullying. Many have asked why he has not intervened to ensure Bibles remain at schools; instead he prefers letting district policy play out instead of intervening directly.

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