Daniel Huey

Daniel Huey

Daniel Huey has distinguished himself in conservative politics as an up-and-comer and advisor, helping guide Something Else* to seven statewide wins in its inaugural cycle while previously serving as National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee Independent Expenditure Director.

He leaves behind his wife, Vera; sons Leslie and Daniel; grandchildren Zachary Baquedano and Lucas Koehler-Albert; as well as extended family.

Early Life and Education

Huey Long was born and raised in Winnfield, Louisiana. After attending law school for only two courses and reading every available law book he passed the Bar Examination with flying colors. From here he began a successful political career fighting powerful banks and oil companies who exploited his fellow citizens of Louisiana.

Huey Long struggled with alcoholism and other health issues throughout his life. A beloved husband, father and grandfather; he is survived by his wife Beth as well as six of their spouses: Dan Huey Jr. of Manhattan KS; Leland Huey and Renee Hubner in Kansas; Richard Huey with wife Susie of Rossiter PA; Mona Huey from Glen Campbell PA and Sonya Barnett from Punxsutawney PA and numerous nieces and nephews.

Personal Life

Daniel Huey is a happily married father and homeowner in Massachusetts who holds both a PhD in Music Theory from University of Massachusetts Amherst as well as teaching music theory at Northwestern College. An accomplished pianist himself, Daniel has appeared on several TV shows such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire? as an instructor.

He enjoys photography, hiking and reading – as well as membership in the Boy Scouts. On July 4th he and Faith were involved in a bicycling accident in Idaho that resulted in severe injuries for both of them; please keep them in your prayers during this difficult time – their family and friends have organized fundraising to assist during this tough period – please see the link below to support their fundraising effort and thank you for being part of our support system.

Professional Career

Daniel Huey has been serving as Regional Sales Director for 15 years, earning him numerous awards and recognition from various prestigious organizations.

Huey has long been active in political activism. As the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee (NRSC) Independent Expenditure Director, he helped Republicans hold onto their Senate majority by managing a $41 million budget in battleground states where few expected them to succeed.

Huey teamed with Scott Lipsky in 2015 to win his fourth doubles title. They reached the Valencia Open final and defeated Raven Klaasen and Henri Kontinen 6-4, 3-6, 6-0 in three sets – winning in all three sets at this three-set tournament! Huey then competed at Wimbledon Championships reaching round three before losing against Jonathan Erlich and Philipp Petzschner.

Achievement and Honors

He was passionate about Kansas Jayhawk basketball, Kansas Royals baseball and Chiefs football as well as fishing, gardening and feeding his wildlife. Additionally, he was an devoted husband, father, grandpa and great-grandpa.

As Independent Expenditure Director and Senior Advisor of the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee in 2016, he helped secure Republican Senate majority in 2016. As such, he managed a $41 million budget across five battleground states while supporting all GOP Senators including those facing challenging primaries; one instance in Wisconsin saw him part of team to defend Governor Scott Walker against primary challenges.

Former Cavalier Brian May reached the Wimbledon semifinals in 2016 playing with three different partners each round – including Raven Klaasen and Yen-Hsun Lu in round one – before ultimately falling. Additionally, May has competed at both French Open and Geneva Open tournaments.

Net Worth

Huey Lewis has amassed an estimated net worth of $50 Million through his successful musical and acting careers, investments, and endorsement deals. He has sold more than 20 million albums globally and made appearances in films such as Back to the Future and Short Cuts.

He has worked on multiple political campaigns, serving as Director of Independent Expenditures for Something Else* in 2016 and as NRSC’s Deputy Director of Independent Expenditures in 2014. Under his watch at NRSC, no Republican Senator lost their primary and the campaign earned money in unexpected states where few expected it.

Huey currently resides at 1945 23rd Avenue in San Francisco, California county and has owned this address since 1985, according to public records.

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