Daniel Horning

Daniel Horning

Horning used his driving to navigate through peak tourist season in search of wealthy families to abduct. He believed an RV-owning family could pay up the maximum ransom of $1 million.

Bypassing roadblocks, the fugitive reached Grand Canyon National Park where he saw Lakritz and Falk exit Babbitt’s General Store before flashing his stolen.44 Magnum revolver and ordering them into his Nissan.

Early Life and Education

Horning quickly gained a cult-like following among those who perceived him as a blue collar American in desperate straits, forced into burglaries and robberies as means of survival. His mugshot appeared frequently on television news cycles and his name became an ongoing headline nationally.

At his sentencing in June, Horning made bold claims of his ability to escape any maximum security prison and declared his intent of doing just that. Additionally, he asked Judge McDonough for permission to expedite his two-week jury sentencing trial so he could begin living free as soon as possible.

Horning managed to avoid capture by employing techniques he learned during 11 months of Army reconnaissance work: figure-eighting and walking in circles were effective strategies used by him in confusing bloodhounds; additionally he preferred traveling during daytime in order not to leave tracks behind him.

Professional Career

Horning’s theft from Valley National Bank in Winslow, Arizona set off one of the state’s largest manhunts ever witnessed in Arizona history. Although his background included being involved with dismemberment murder cases as well as burglaries and multiple escape attempts from authorities he managed to avoid capture in Arizona wilderness for extended periods and become something of a folk hero for many; leaving thank-you notes thanking authorities for providing supplies he used during burglaries was one of many tactics used against authorities during this fugitive’s escape attempts from capture while remaining at large in Arizona wilderness for extended periods became another source of his fame; his ability to avoid capture become known and appreciated by many while authorities even left him thank-you notes with thanking them for providing supplies he used during burglaries started their manhunt and ultimately captured at large by authorities due to their incompetence during these robbear escapades began.

Police first saw Horning near Babbitt’s General Store in Flagstaff on June 3; however, he quickly disappeared back into the woods before they could catch him. A few days later, Ranger Miller saw him at a truck stop but again before Ranger Miller could reach him, Horning disappeared back into the forest before Ranger Miller could arrest him.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Horning is an outstanding IT professional with an entrepreneurial mindset and outstanding problem-solving abilities. His specialties lie in designing, building, and deploying secure yet user-friendly technology systems.

Horning successfully outwitted his pursuers, citing his military training in Special Forces to defend himself against deceitful pursuit. While the Winslow robbery case progressed through court system, Horning taunted judge by promising that even when secured under maximum security he would make his escape attempt.

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Personal Life

Horning was a lone individual who lived off of food and weapons acquired through raiding cabins for food and weapons, as well as by robbing those residing nearby such as those who resided near Flagstaff where he would stay temporarily for brief periods.

At his sentencing hearing, he challenged the judge to hand him a life sentence and boasted of escaping maximum security within months – yet ended up serving four consecutive life sentences at Florence State Prison.

Before Ranger Miller encountered Horning at Babbitt’s General Store, investigators had only a vague sense of his location. Now, however, the FBI devoted resources to Grand Canyon National Park where Miller drove into its parking lot before speeding into a dense wood. He quickly disappeared behind an overhang.

Net Worth

His net worth is approximately $600 thousand. He works at Orchard Lake St Mary’s Preparatory School in Michigan, is well known after competing on two seasons of Big Brother as both winner and runner-up respectively.

His hobbies include playing basketball and hiking. In addition, he enjoys music; singing and playing guitar are among his many interests – as is having an amazingly amazing voice!

He prefers to keep his personal life private and does not disclose much information regarding his relationships; however, we know he is unmarried and does not have children; however he has an extensive circle of friends known for being generous and helpful; not forgetting having an excellent sense of humor!

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