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Minnesota Conference President Daniel Honore – Witryna29 Sty 2023

Witryna29 Sty 2023 On Sunday, an emotional funeral service was held for Daniel Honore, Minnesota Conference president who died Jan 13. His legacy in Adventism dates back to long before moving his family from Boston and Mattapan-Dorchester Churches in Action as executive director, when he trained local leaders how to develop solutions for community problems.

Early Life and Education

Honore was born and raised in the Dominican Republic with his pastoral family, regularly moving around due to frequent relocation. These experiences exposed him to different cultures and led him to becoming fluent in English, French and Haitian Creole – with Spanish being added during college studies.

Pastoring Brockton Temple and Ben Emmanuel Franco-Haitian churches in Massachusetts before being appointed conference president of the Northeastern Conference in 2012 saw significant increases in membership and tithing as well as the stabilization of finances within both terms as president.

He has led evangelistic campaigns in New York, Peru, Brazil, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Additionally, he serves on several boards and committees such as the NAD Executive Committee, Oakwood University Board of Trustees and Atlantic Union Conference President’s Council.

Professional Career

Prior to becoming full-time minister, Honore ran an immigration law practice with two offices in Boston, Massachusetts. He also served as an investigator with the Boston Fair Housing Commission and executive director of Mattapan-Dorchester Churches in Action where he trained local leaders on strategies for solving community problems.

Under his two terms as President of Northeastern Conference, membership and tithing experienced significant increases while finances became more stable. Additionally, during this time he oversaw the acquisition and construction of nearly 40 church buildings as well as 158 units for senior apartments.

Honore’s book Ma Chine-nation explores the multilingual poetics of Honore’s Reunionese heritage – half Chinese and half African – using various registers of poetry to link Africa and La Reunion to China via maroons who escaped colonial rule as both Chinese coolies and African slaves through marronage.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Honore had just recently assumed his new position of Minnesota conference president when he passed away, having begun this role on September 2022. “Daniel strongly believed God called him to Minnesota, and his plans for furthering His work here emphasized evangelism and education,” according to an official statement on their conference website.

Honore served as president of the Northeastern Conference in New York for nine years before being chosen to head Minnesota Conference. Under his leadership, membership expanded significantly, nearly 40 church buildings were acquired, debts liquidated and a 158-unit senior housing facility was constructed.

He held numerous committee and board positions, such as membership on the NAD Executive Committee, Oakwood University Board of Trustees, Atlantic Union Conference President’s Council, and Northeastern Academy Board.

Personal Life

At his funeral service, Minnesota Conference President Don Anderson’s life and passions for evangelism and education were celebrated by friends, colleagues, family, and speakers alike.

Honore was an outspoken proponent for civil and human rights. From marching alongside young people at rallies to fighting legal cases on behalf of those underrepresented and voiceless.

In spite of Honore’s passing, her church continues its mission with renewed resolve. They’ve created an educational endowment fund in her name instead of sending flowers; Emily from Occidental College studies critical theory and social justice and is eager to work on an Honore project designed to increase access to healthy food for all.

Net Worth

Before entering full-time ministry work, Honore had two law practices in Boston, Massachusetts. He provided assistance for families through Concilio Hispano de Cambridge while serving as an investigator with Boston Fair Housing Commission and executive director of Mattapan-Dorchester Churches in Action where he trained local leaders on developing strategies to solve community problems.

He conducted evangelistic campaigns in New York, Peru, Brazil, Jamaica, Haiti and El Salvador as well as serving on the Atlantic Union Conference President’s Council, Oakwood University Board of Trustee and Northeastern Academy board.

Recently, Honore was appointed president of the Minnesota Conference. His tenure is widely acclaimed for enhancing its financial situation through purchase and liquidation of several properties as well as reduction of debt. Together with wife Fritze he has three adult sons.

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