Daniel Hitt

Daniel Hitt

Daniel Hitt studies judgment and decision-making processes in American politics, particularly within elite institutions. Using observational, experimental, archival techniques as well as observational interviews he has published work in multiple journals such as American Journal of Political Science.

He was a Methodist minister who traveled over 5000 miles with Bishop Asbury to attend conferences. He died in Fauquier County in 1825.

Early Life and Education

Hitt is renowned academic who studies judgment and decision making in American politics, particularly at elite institutions like Congress, courts and bureaucracies. His research draws upon observational, experimental and archival methods; his works have appeared in American Political Science Review, Law & Society Review and American Journal of Politics & Government as well as numerous other journals.

He holds memberships in numerous professional associations such as the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Political Science Association, and other professional bodies. Additionally, he generously donates his time and resources to local causes like Falls Church Education Foundation and Washington West Film Festival through charitable giving.

Hitt was responsible for overseeing an expansion that tripled enrollment and granted over 260,000 degrees while also helping create a campus in downtown Orlando.

Professional Career

Hitt has extensive experience as a choreographer, movement director and performer. Her works have been showcased at New York City venues including The Tank, Mark Morris Dance Center and Public Theater; Mannes ensemble is comprised of members who regularly receive FACE emergency grants as part of its residency. Credits include Untitled DanceShowPartyThing (mtc), The Best We Could (mtc), Snow in Midsummer Classic Stage performances among others.

She has served as a consultant to various veterinary practices and currently resides in Spokane with her two grandsons, two dogs, and sports car. Her hobbies include gardening, hiking and driving as well as playing Jimmy Buffett music on guitar – plus being an active volunteer with animal rescue organizations while being fluent in Spanish!

Achievement and Honors

Hitt’s research, supported in part by the National Science Foundation, centers around political judgment and decision making among elite institutions, such as Congress, judiciary, bureaucracy and bureaucratization. He employs observational, experimental, archival methods to explore how institutional and external factors affect choices actors make in Congress, judiciary and bureaucracy – his findings being published in such respected journals as American Journal of Politics, American Political Science Review Law & Society Review as well as Public Opinion Quarterly.

He is an active philanthropist, giving away much of his income each year to local nonprofits. Additionally, he supports the arts community in Fairfax County he lives in by sponsoring an Arts Philanthropy Award at the 2017 Fairfax County Arts Awards.

Hitt was honored to receive this distinction from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Personal Life

Daniel Hitt is a passionate philanthropist who has generously donated a significant portion of his income to various charitable organizations. Additionally, he has extensive business interests including automotive dealerships, real estate investments and land development ventures.

He has also demonstrated an affinity for the arts by leading a development project to house Creative Cauldron in Falls Church. Furthermore, he remains dedicated to supporting his local community by regularly volunteering his services at non-profit events.

Hitt has long been involved in his community and served on various boards and committees – such as the Board of Education in Falls Church – in addition to being an active member of his church and founding the Coastal Virginia Economic Coalition.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Hitt was estimated to be worth an impressive amount. His modeling earnings and music tour profits make up most of his net worth.

He is also an ardent supporter of local non-profits and annually donates considerable sums of money. Additionally, he led the development project for Creative Cauldron as a new home for arts in Falls Church.

He hasn’t divulged much information on his personal life to the press, though Megan and Cameron remain close.

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