Daniel Guess

Who is Daniel Guess?

Professional Career

Daniel Guess is an experienced technology strategist, investment advisor, and team leader. With experience in digital transformation, disruptive technologies, cyber security, commercial development of unique cybersecurity software products as an early global customer of General Electric Company as well as several technology advisory boards he currently holds the position of Vice President at Kingdom Capital Technology Investment Group as well as leading healthcare and medical device technology development initiatives with Kingdom. Furthermore he serves on the board of Biblical Business Training which aids people applying Biblical principles into their work lives.

Achievement and Honors

Guess, an international company operating across 102 countries with over 1700 stores worldwide, was recently honored with Fortune magazine’s 2018 Fashion Brand of the Year honor and Retailer of the Year from Council of Fashion Designers of America awards. Additionally, Guess’s Vice President of Licensing Isaiah Kincaid spoke at Winchester University’s Premier Merchandise Product Development group to share his journey into success within fashion as well as offer them career advice.

Personal Life

Guess has shared intimate details of his personal life in interviews. In one, he stated that Donald Trump was unrelatable but working with Elizabeth Taylor was like working with family – she made many requests including painting her dressing room red and having two kinds of water for herself and one kind for her pet dog!

Cameron Bonari, his wife, is a marketer, and they share two children together. Niles also has an avid passion for football – being an avid supporter of both Washington Redskins and New York Giants! Additionally, he’s become quite the celebrity shout-out app star thanks to Cameo. Recorded messages for fans in character as Niles is another main feature.

Net Worth

As of 2017, Daniel had amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $28 Million USD due to his success in poker tournaments and other management activities that have contributed significantly to his astronomic fortune.

He owns an impressive car collection, including an over $4 million Koenigsegg CCXR limited edition sports car. Additionally, he owns homes across multiple countries and is committed to protecting the environment; therefore he owns various eco-friendly electric vehicles as part of this collection.

He played the older brother of an ancient vampire family and sought redemption for his evil child brother on Vampire Diaries spin-off series The Originals, winning multiple awards along the way. Additionally, since 2008 he has also been active in poker competitions where he has won various events with significant winnings.

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