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Daniel Finley Net Worth – Director, Cinematographer, Producer

Daniel Finley is an accomplished film director and writer. His portfolio encompasses seven short films including documentaries and narratives; in addition, he has also written scripts for television and the stage.

Professor Finley’s research interests center around the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway, the primary mechanism for protein degradation in eukaryotes. Her lab investigates how proteasomal ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes recognize and target proteins for degradation.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Finley is an American-Thai motion designer and comics artist, having contributed to film, commercials, music videos and commercial photography projects. Additionally, he is also an award-winning writer/photographer with publications to his name; also an INTJ-A according to Meyer-Briggs personality test and loves telling stories through filmmaking.

Born in Robinson, Illinois and known for his athleticism and academic prowess, he later relocated to Billings Montana where he completed both his Bachelors in Physics and MBA degrees. Working initially in business before migrating into medicine as a mentor. Also an author and avid mentor at USC School of Medicine; dedicated father/husband!

Personal Life

People who knew him best will remember his deep love for his family. He enjoyed spending his free time with his wife and daughters, fishing, as well as coaching local youth sports teams together with his wife.

He spent his career researching Proteasomes and Cell biology more broadly, with specific emphasis on Ubiquitin, F-box proteins and Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme. Over his tenure he published many papers and took part in many projects spanning his entire career.

He leaves behind his wife, Karen Finley; two daughters: Casey Doris (Marcus Doris and Seth Doris), of Satanta, Kansas; Kelli Jo Brown (Forrest Brown) from Liberal, Kansas. Additionally he leaves three grand babies, Harper, Quincy and Tripp; as well as numerous special nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

He is an expert commercial leasing attorney, representing landlords and tenants for offices, retail space, restaurants, entertainment venues, industrial warehouses and medical properties. His client list includes major institutional real estate owners, nationally-recognized law firms and notable retailers.

Finley joined the Autry in 2005, taking over a museum that was in debt by more than $8 million and with staff reductions. Under his stewardship, fundraising increased dramatically while attendance through touring blockbuster exhibitions increased significantly.

He plans to build on that success. He envisions highlighting collection highlights and offering tours that don’t necessarily focus on Western history. He has begun renovating a Burbank warehouse to house and store the museum’s 500,000-object collection; additionally, his lab researches the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway; publishing numerous articles as a result.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Finley is a multi-award winning filmmaker, motion designer and comics artist. In addition he writes scripts, acts in films commercials and shorts as well as being published author/photographer with an INTJ personality profile on Meyer-Briggs personality test.

His research is focused on the proteasome and its regulatory systems. He has identified key features of the ubiquitin-proteasome system, such as its N-end rule and degradation signaling via ubiquitin chains, as well as factors that affect its function.

He is survived by his wife, Debra; two children – Zachary and Allyson; his brother Paul Finley of Springfield Missouri, as well as numerous special nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and great-nephews. Funeral services will be held Monday and memorials are welcome.

Net Worth

Daniel Finley Net Worth is an impressive Director, Cinematographer, Producer who boasts a high annual salary. Located in Cudahy Wisconsin with many fans following him on social media he can boast of having built himself an enviable home there – known for having many followers on his Instagram account as well.

Estimating his home to be worth $1.5 million, Wayne currently resides at 309 Midland Avnue Wayne and has resided there for seven years.

His disclosures reveal several red flags. For one thing, his investment offerings often charge 12b-1 fees which do not reflect any value for investors and can be highly contentious in the finance world. Furthermore, there are various predatory provisions which trap his clients in unfavorable agreements.

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