Daniel Eldridge

Daniel Eldridge

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Daniel Eldridge is a Director with LitCon Group LLC specializing in cost reviews, damages analysis, and forensic accounting. He has extensive experience analyzing and managing large volumes of financial data for cost reviews as well as preparing damages claims involving acceleration, disruption, or lost profits.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Eldridge was born in Massachusetts on the 1st day of 1742 to Samuel Eldridge and Mary Warner (nee Eldridge). Daniel married Prudence Eldridge shortly before passing away in 1813.

He was an integral figure during the early days of wild cattle in Binda. He participated in hunt parties set out to capture bushrangers such as Ben Hall. Additionally, he employed several members of the Carr family at Chatsbury and Binda for many years.

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Professional Career

LitCon Group LLC employs him as a Director, where he specializes in cost reviews and damages analyses, forensic accounting and government contract pricing. He has conducted thorough analyses of large construction cases quantifying damages claims for disruption, acceleration and lost productivity as well as assisted counsel with bid protests both on awardee and protestor sides.

Patrick Cover and Thomas Eldridge were their children.

Since joining UNCW, he has helped players earn PING Division I All-East Region recognition and several top five finishes at tournament play – including Patrick Cover’s runner-up finish in tournament play as well as Thomas Eldridge’s second place showings – along with five tournament titles and two Colonial Athletic Association championships for his team.

Achievement and Honors

Eldridge stands out beyond academic accomplishments as an active community member, serving on the Geological Society of America Board and working closely with schools to make science relevant for today’s students.

He has guided students in developing critical thinking and communication abilities as teachers; additionally he has led Rhodes Mock Trial teams to win multiple national championships as coaches.

Recently, Eldridge received the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division 2018 Sailor of the Year award for his exemplary leadership. Additionally, he was recognized by AUSA Civil Division with their AUSA Civil Division award. Under Eldridge’s watchful eyes 4,831 technical directive kits were processed, issued, tracked and processed with an 87 percent compliance rate and 25 percent reduction in processing time resulting from his efforts.

Personal Life

Eldridge is married and the father of two children. He has lived in several Oklahoma cities such as Sperry and Tulsa; owning several properties such as Rr 2, #203 in Sperry; Po Box 260 in Lexington; 666 Rr 8 St W in Tulsa; 16704 N 36th West Ave Sapulpa

Since 1969, he has been a regular at Jimmy Ryan’s Jazz Club on Manhattan’s 54th Street where he plays both dixieland and more aggressive styles of jazz music. Additionally, he has recorded with other musicians like Paul Desmond and Benny Carter.

Eldridge has also taken an active part in humanitarian work outside his musical career. He has supported organizations like the American Cancer Society as well as working on many initiatives relating to female care.

Net Worth

Public records reveal Sean Eldridge had amassed an estimated net worth of over $2.45 Million as of 23 September 2016. He made two trades of Copart stock, exercising 22,4885 units worth $505,238 on the market.

Eldridge serves as non-executive Chairman of Amarillo Gold Corp and has extensive experience raising project finance debt and equity for mining projects worldwide. Additionally, he is CEO of Arctic Star Exploration Corp and Canarc Resource Corp.

Euroscandic International Group Inc is a private company he co-founded that offers merchant banking and advisory services specializing in project financing. He also possesses significant experience arranging monetizations/restructuring transactions of distressed assets; having over two decades of experience within this field.

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