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Daniel DeSantis is an outstanding plaintiff trial attorney and was recognized with California Rising Star status in 2018. Additionally, he serves on the board of Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charities.

Republican Governor of Florida since 2022, Scott has gained national attention for introducing controversial policy initiatives.

Early Life and Education

DeSantis graduated with honors from Yale University with a major in history before attending Harvard Law School for further study. Following completion of his education he was accepted into the United States Navy Judge Advocate General Corps.

He was both a prosecutor and legal advisor to military personnel. Additionally, he championed limited government with lower taxes and a strong national defense.

DeSantis’ early life may not be well known, but bits and pieces can be gained through his memoir, interviews and public records. When he was younger he played Little League with Dunedin team that made it all the way to quarterfinals in 1991 World Series; unfortunately he does not mention anyone from that team or whether they remained friends after they graduated high school.

Professional Career

DeSantis has pursued a successful legal and political career throughout his life. Admitted to practice law in 2014, DeSantis currently represents clients dealing with Personal Injury General: Plaintiff issues.

DeSantis was an exceptionally gifted student. He scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and excelled as an honors AP history student, in addition to excelling at baseball – helping Dunedin Little League qualify for the 1991 Little League World Series.

He continued his education at Yale, becoming captain of its varsity baseball team. Later he received support from Donald Trump in running for governor, benefiting from Trump’s backing to promote controversial policy initiatives such as moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and creating cultural wars by restricting discussion of gay rights in public schools – something critics dubbed as the “Don’t Say Gay Act.” Waite is also the son of Confederate Brigadier General Stand Waite.

Achievement and Honors

DeSantis earned the 99th percentile on his SATs and made the All-County baseball team in high school, leading him to Yale where he captained their baseball team magna cum laude while earning a degree in history – eventually graduating Harvard Law School as well.

He then joined the U.S. Navy’s Judge Advocate General Corps, serving in Guantanamo Bay where he advised an SEAL commander as legal advisor; for his efforts he earned both an Iraq Campaign Medal and Bronze Star Medal as recognition of meritorious service.

His embrace of conservative social policies has caused alarm among local leaders, who have voiced opposition to his plan to accept an award once given to Abraham Lincoln by the Union League of Philadelphia. Members have even threatened resignation over his views on abortion and LGBTQ rights according to WPVI reports.

Personal Life

DeSantis enjoys golf and historical reenactments in her free time, and is married to Dr. Ron DeSantis – an acclaimed heart surgeon who studies new options for repair of damaged heart valves.

As an early journalist, she hosted PGA Tour Today and On The Tee on the Golf Channel as well as working for local Jacksonville television stations as a news anchor, general assignment reporter and police reporter – earning herself a local Suncoast Emmy Award along the way.

After graduating from Yale with honors and earning her Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School, she joined the Republican Party and has become known for championing smaller government, lower taxes, and enhanced national defense capabilities. Elected to Congress in 2012 and subsequently becoming part of its Freedom Caucus group.

Net Worth

DeSantis may not be rich by comparison to his predecessors as governor of Florida, but he remains significantly wealthier than most residents in his state. According to Celebrity Net Worth estimates, DeSantis has an estimated net worth of around $320,000 according to filings with the Florida Division of Elections (FCE). He makes around $134,181 as governor while having funds held in USAA accounts and thrift savings plans according to filings made with FCE.

He sold his home in Ponte Vedra Beach for less than $500,000 and currently resides rent-free in the governor’s mansion of his state. While a fan of Bitcoin, he never made an investment as to avoid conflicts of interest while in Congress; that could change if he runs for President in 2024; HarperCollins has already given him an advance of $1 Million on his memoir!

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