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Kayla Irwin and Daniel Clemans Charged in the Death of a Five-Year-Old Boy

MEADE COUNTY, KY (WFIE) – Two individuals in Kentucky have been charged in relation to the death of a five-year-old boy. Kayla Irwin and Daniel Clemans were taken into custody after Meade County sheriff’s deputies responded to reports about him not breathing properly.

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Early Life and Education

Daniel Clemans hails from the Midwest and earned a Bachelor’s degree at Murray State University before enrolling at Florida State University to study 20th Century US History for his doctorate degree.

He boasts an outstanding academic background, with expertise in education policy. His research has focused on professional learning and gender equity issues.

Irwin and Clemans are facing charges in relation to the death of five-year-old boy at their Payneville residence on Greer Rd, Meade County. Emergency responders were dispatched after finding the child unresponsive upon arriving on Greer Rd in Payneville. Both have pleaded not guilty and are scheduled to appear before Meade County district court Jan 19 for status hearing hearing.

Professional Career

Since 2013, he has specialized in prosecuting sexual offenses. Most recently, in 2019, he served as lead prosecutor on Hollywood Task Force cases, such as those against producer Harvey Weinstein and Ron Jeremy that remain open in Los Angeles.

Clemans’ counsel argued that Clemans was unfairly punished due to his lack of prior criminal charges and willingness to accept responsibility for his conduct. He stressed his favorable background and feelings of regret over what had occurred as well as his willingness to collaborate with potential drunk driving offenders in an effort to prevent alcohol-related traffic deaths in the future.

We are convinced that Clemans’ counsel consciously chose not to bring Sandvik before Judge Buckalew as part of their strategy and tactic in this case. Based on evidence in this record, we believe there was a high likelihood that Clemans was aware of the Alaska Supreme Court’s ruling in Sandvik and knew why they chose not to object in that instance.

Achievement and Honors

Clemans is widely recognized for his impressive work. An inspirational educator, his educational leadership has seen Monash Education Academy rise above competition in terms of teaching quality, recognition and staff support.

He has become widely respected for his success as a trial prosecutor, including serial rapist cases and murder prosecutions. Additionally, he is widely known for connecting with audiences through powerful presentations; serving as keynote speakers at numerous events and conferences.

Personal Life

On December 5, 1981, Clemans rented a car in Anchorage and traveled to Alyeska Ski Resort in Girdwood for drinks at its lodge before driving back home, losing control and striking two 10-year-old children; Scott Gerrish and Wesley Gerrish of Anchorage respectively.

At his sentencing hearing, the state called Scott and Wesley’s parents and grandmother to testify regarding the impact of their deaths on the family unit. Furthermore, they presented testimony from a psychologist that confirmed his earlier written report as to Clemans being truly sorry and unlikely to engage in further criminal acts.

At his sentencing hearing, Clemans presented no arguments against this evidence; rather he focused his speech on his desire to dedicate much of his life towards helping others avoid making the same errors he had committed himself.

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