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Artist Profile – Daniel Carrillo

Daniel specializes in using wet plate collodion and ambrotype processes to produce portraits of members of the arts community that will stand the test of time. For his efforts he was awarded two grants by 4culture – Individual Artist Project Grant and GAP grant by Artist Trust respectively.

He is also an active YouTuber with over 500 subscribers on his channel showcasing livestreams, plush gaming, and DCG matches.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Carrillo is a Senior Internship Counselor for UC San Diego’s Academic Internship Program and works closely with community partners to offer service learning opportunities to his students. Being first generation, Daniel is especially enthusiastic about helping his classmates discover their interests.

He is the creator of DCG Gaming on YouTube, sharing videos and livestreams relating to gaming with Mugman; an adorable cup who goes on exciting adventures.

He brings extensive experience in the social justice movement to various campaigns including combatting anti-immigrant Prop 187 and working for New York Worker Center Federation, co-founding Stop LAPD Spying and participating in Indigenous ceremonies with Cetiliztli Nauhcampa.

Professional Career

Daniel Carrillo is a senior internship counselor in UC San Diego’s Academic Internship Program. He works to match students to opportunities that suit their interests while making a difference in the community, and also helps them discover their voice and advocate for themselves.

His work includes antique photography techniques such as daguerreotypes, wet plate collodion and ambrotypes that have been featured at galleries like Davidson Galleries, Sev Shoon Gallery 110 and Gage Academy as well as winning him both an Individual Artist Project Grant from 4culture and an Artist Trust GAP Grant.

At Purdue University, Universidad Privada del Norte and Universidad Catolica Sedes Sapientiae. Additionally he taught Latin American literature and digital humanities courses on topics including Latin American literature, digital humanities, decoloniality and social justice.

Achievement and Honors

At Bread Loaf, a selective writers’ conference in Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest, Carrillo shared excerpts of his novel about a Cuban high school teacher who moves in with his mother. To the delight of his audience members – and Carrillo himself! – his excerpts received a standing ovation; after which, Carrillo smiled broadly: “Good evening and thank you – my name is Hermano Carrillo!”

At GW, where he taught creative writing and Latin American literature, students often called him Hache. With his soft yet melodious voice and use of Spanish slang like mano and vato in English language lessons, Hache would often tell stories of how his family fled Fidel Castro’s Cuba in the 60s via yacht named La Habana.

Many of his anecdotes teetered on myth, yet his art of blurring truth and fiction helped address real psychological concerns.

Personal Life

Daniel Carrillo is a Seattle-based artist working with antique methods including wet plate collodion and ambrotypes. He was awarded an Artist Trust GAP grant and his work has been featured at Davidson Galleries, Seattle Weekly, View Camera Magazine, and The Stranger.

Throughout his lifetime, he was frequently accused of disguising his true identity with fictional ones. Together with a DePaul theory teacher named Tiffany Villa-Ignacio, he edited a literary magazine where they published stories purporting to be about Mexican people.

Dennis vanEngelsdorp was an expert bee entomologist ten years his junior. Carrillo filled their home with sculptures and paintings; music fanatic that he was, Carrillo always kept Celia Cruz playing as background noise in their house.

Net Worth

Daniel Carrillo Gaming is a YouTube channel offering livestreams, DCG Plays, DCG Plush Gaming and Splatoon GMod Animations with over 29k subscribers and numerous social media accounts so viewers can interact directly with its creator.

He is one of the co-founders of RAN and has 15 years of experience coordinating campaigns and winning corporate campaigns with union pension funds, universities and cities. For his efforts he has received multiple awards – such as being named “Grassroots Campaigner of the Year Award.”

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