Daniel Buckman

Daniel Buckman – Author of Because the Rain

Daniel Buckman creates compellingly written novels in which his characters face up to the reality of their flawed humanity with honesty and decency, echoing Hemingway and Faulkner respectively in their pursuit of redemption.

He has taught and mentored students abroad in Russia, helped run a yearly seminar for law students in New York City, conducted country of origin information research to support asylum seekers, and established BELLOSOUND to utilize his DJ experience, major label management background, and artist management experience for holistic approaches to music.

Early Life and Education

Buckman has created a tightly written search for redemption in this tightly crafted novel set in a rustbelt town’s past, following three generations of men through time and space. Bruno Konick, an emotionally disturbed World War II veteran, grapples with his violent legacy; Luke dreams of heroism after Vietnam. Buckman’s prose emulates Hemingway’s actuality while adhering to Faulkner’s call for basic humanity.

Evans High School welcomed Dan Buckman as its new principal this year, succeeding Frank Hill who took up a similar position at Apopka Middle School. Buckman plans to build upon Evans High’s traditional athletic strength while keeping students focused on academics. He plans on making himself highly visible around campus by talking frequently with students and maintaining an open door policy in his office; furthermore he’s dedicated to improving discipline issues at Evans.

Professional Career

Dan strives to put clients first every day by cultivating trust through high touch attention, insightful conversations and technology. He guides his clients along their financial journey while meeting both short- and long-term goals.

Robert serves on the boards of Spotsylvania Education Foundation and Moss Free Clinic, as well as Virginia Tech Board of Visitors. Additionally, he enjoys volunteering within his community while spending time with family and friends.

Daniel Buckman brought together all the elements necessary for BELLOSOUND when he founded it, including DJ experience; business acumen; major label management experience, artist management capabilities and an in-depth knowledge of fashion, design and sound to form BELLOSOUND. The result was an exceptional curated music experience for guests that told a compelling narrative; a collaboration that continues today.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Buckman served with the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and is the author of four novels. His latest, Because the Rain, explores dysfunctional familial relationships while searching for redemption; echoing Hemingway’s realist world view while answering Faulkner’s call for basic humanity.

Buckman is a proud supporter of HEADstrong Lacrosse, a non-profit organization which assists children living with cancer and their families. He received the Bob Scott Award which recognizes players who go above and beyond both on and off the field to aid others.

Buckman Fellows must present to the Rhodes community about an academic or scholarly aspect of their study abroad experience during one of Rhodes’ regularly scheduled student presentations or online. This could take place either during or following one of Rhodes’ student blogs.

Personal Life

Dan is committed to helping families overcome today’s obstacles and plan for tomorrow. He works closely with his clients, offering high-touch attention and in-depth discussions that help them take a holistic approach towards their financial journey.

Young enlisted soldier plagued by his father’s death in Vietnam returns home only to find that life remains just as dissatisfying in Watega, Illinois, which drove him into the military in the first place. His journey takes him northward to Chicago, where he encounters dispossessed Vietnam veterans who become his surrogate fathers while leading him into violent national culture. Morning Dark memorializes a forgotten class of American men who go off to war but end up on the fringes of society, making for an unparalleled literary achievement from an exciting new writer!

Net Worth

Zoe Buckman may not be well known, yet her works are in high demand among museums such as Baltimore Museum of Art and Studio Museum in Harlem. Additionally, her pieces have become part of group shows alongside Louise Bourgeois, Mary Kelly and Tracey Emin’s pieces.

She’s also an active artist whose works draw influence from Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. Her exploration of women’s bodies contrasted against society’s perception uses vintage lingerie embroidered with misogynist rhymes, neon uteruses, and other gynecological sculptures as mediums for exploration. She currently resides and works from her light-filled East Village studio with her husband and daughter Cleo; Pippy Houldsworth Gallery represents her.

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