Daniel Bruckstein

Daniel Bruckstein and Eugene Ehrenfeld, Owners of the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, Settle Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Daniel Bruckstein and Eugene Ehrenfeld, owners of Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, settled wrongful death lawsuits filed by families whose loved ones died during an adenovirus outbreak. These men have maintained low profiles while contributing to Democratic campaigns with contributions made via their company Continuum Healthcare.

DANIEL BRUCKSTEIN has been linked with six skilled nursing homes that were rated below average by CMS.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Bruckstein is an esteemed scholar and researcher. As the author of numerous books and active member of various societies, Daniel’s accomplishments and honors include being named SIAM Fellow as well as serving in Israel Defense Forces’ Sayeret Matkal unit – known for elite commando missions.

His research work encompasses subjects related to Algorithm, Swarm Behavior, Robots and Artificial intelligence. His examination of Algorithm covers subjects like Curve Evolution, Medial Axis Skeletonization as well as themes such as Surface Holography.

Personal Life

Daniel Bruckstein and Eugene Ehrenfeld have remained relatively low profile as owners of nursing homes in New Jersey; however, they remain embroiled in controversy surrounding Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation’s role in an adenovirus outbreak which sickened and killed 11 children last year. Additionally, both were prominent donors during Governor Murphy’s election campaign last year.

Bruckstein was the son of a rabbinical family from Maramures and managed to survive Buchenwald concentration camp, going on to make significant contributions to Romanian literature such as Familia Grinvald (The Generation of the Desert); Octombrie, ora opt (October 8 O’Clock); and Unde incepe noaptea (Where Night Begins). While living in exile in America he focused his writings on intellectual life within Romanian-speaking countries and provincial stagnation during communist rule.

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