Daniel Berthelette

Daniel Berthelette

On May 9, District Attorney Shorter was presented with a petition signed by 17,328 individuals demanding Berthelette be prosecuted for animal abuse. Crystal Springs Mayor Sally Garland and Doll Stanley from In Defense of Animals made this presentation to him.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a man tie a dog to the back of his truck and drag it several miles before stopping at a city dump to attempt disposing of its body by dropping it into one of their dumpsters; but was stopped by city employees.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Berthelette was born in 1956 and currently resides at 5114 Six Mile Rd in Crystal Springs, MS. At 67 years old he is married to Diane Marie Berthelette with whom he has lived at 18 different locations over their relationship. Additionally he is related to Allison Berthelette, Ashley Westbrook George Berthelette and Allen Williams.

On September 14th 2022, Daniel Berthelette was arrested after witnesses saw him wrap wire around George, attach it to his truck, and drag it until its death. These individuals reported the information to CSPD who then charged Daniel Berthelette for this action.

On May 9, Crystal Springs Mayor Sally Garland and Doll Stanley, Senior Campaigner with IN Defense of Animals/Justice for Animals presented to 22nd Circuit District Attorney Daniella M. Shorter an open letter signed by 17,328 individuals calling for Berthelette’s prosecution.

Professional Career

Alogbo had never thought much about life once she stopped playing; however, she wanted a normal existence and knew that making some hard decisions would be necessary. Berthelette gave advice in an honest and straightforward manner – suggesting she evaluate each potential option before making her choice.

On September 14, 2022, Daniel Berthelette intentionally collared George the dog of a neighboring resident and cruelly tied it to the back of his truck before dragging him away until it died. Witnesses reported the incident to CSPD; after trying to dispose of George in an area dumpster he was arrested.

He was found guilty of misdemeanor, when in reality they should have been charged with felony. Currently living at 5114 Six Mile Road in Crystal Springs Mississippi; born May 56 and currently aged 67 years.

Achievement and Honors

Alogbo was an independent thinker who demanded much from herself and others around her. Her character often clashed with those coaching the junior national team, yet Berthelette assisted Alogbo in developing from raw talent into a full player who was ready for international play.

On September 14, 2022, police arrested Berthelette for allegedly placing a wire around the neck of George, his neighbor’s dog. Once attached to his truck and dragged until it died, Berthelette was charged with animal cruelty and sentenced to jail time.

According to public records, Daniel Berthelette currently resides at 5114 Six Mile Rd in Copiah County and moved in around October 2018. Before then he resided at 1557 Highway 481, Raleigh MS 39153 from January of 2022 onwards.

Personal Life

Daniel Berthelette was arrested after witnesses reported his despicable act to police. Eyewitnesses stated he wrapped a wire around George’s neck before hooking him to his truck for transport to Daniel Berthelette’s truck for dragging him to death and trying to dispose of it by throwing it in a city dumpster, but this attempt was foiled by municipal employees who knew this action wasn’t allowed.

He is survived by Aline Lataille from Jamestown, Rhode Island; Pauline Hampson from Springhill; Reggie Asciolla of Coventry; Normand Berthelette from Nantucket MA; Dianne Oliveira of Taunton Rhode Island and JP Berthelette from Lugoff SC as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Unfortunately he was predeceased by both parents.

Net Worth

Daniel Berthelette reportedly has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. His wealth was earned through a career as a real estate developer and investments in the stock market as well as writing. Additionally, his artistic abilities include many paintings and drawings created over time.

He is the son of Aline Lataille from Jamestown, Rhode Island and Marcel Berthelette from Taunton, Massachusetts. He is also brother to Aline Hampson (Springhill FL), Maryann McNeil from Taunton MA and Joan Berthelette (Nantucket MA). Additionally he is uncle to many nieces and nephews.

Daniel Berthelette is married to Diane Marie Berthelette and currently resides at 5114 Six Mile Rd in Crystal Springs, Mississippi at age 67. Previously he lived in Raleigh, Jackson and Forest.

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