Daniel Bernabe

Daniel Bernabe

Daniel Bernabe is a Queens real estate agent, who specializes in the Financial District. Providing personalized service is his top priority; whether looking for luxury condo or starter home Daniel can assist in finding you what’s ideal.

Early Life and Education

Bernabe arrived with his wife and son to Los Angeles in February 1970 armed only with the name of an acquaintance or relative living nearby. Working hard, he created an exceptional life for them all.

He cherishedd his son and would frequently shower him with candy and sandwiches. Additionally, he always looked out for his friends and was available when necessary to lend support when necessary.

Music was also a passion of his, playing in bands throughout his life and becoming known for his singing and guitar talents. Cunliffe Merriwether wrote several books including Quitting Science and Cleaver the Gronk under this pen name; furthermore he was active philanthropist who supported homeless individuals as well as those in need.

Professional Career

Daniel Bernabe is a professional musician with experience playing with numerous ensembles spanning jazz bands, musical theater pit orchestras and even symphonies throughout his career. After graduating Youngstown State University with distinction – graduating summa cum laude – he has continued honing his skills as an instrumentalist.

At River Plate, he won three Primera Division championships while appearing in 185 matches and scoring 187 goals.

He is also a writer, having published two books. He founded Brotherhood Institute and various business ventures such as DB Prayer Line Ministries created in 2012, as well as Services and Language Translating provided by Brotherhood Institute and NGG Records; an up-and-coming Haitian label in development.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Bernabe, born in Port-au-Prince Haiti and now living in Santo Domingo Republic Dominican, has written several books including, “Daily Inspirational Quotes Based on the Word of God” published in 2021. Additionally he founded Brotherhood Institute and DB Prayer Line Ministries launched in 2012; was an artist, teacher of both French and English; translator; as well as several businesses such as DB Services & Language Translating as well as NGG Records- a Haitian label currently in development; plus podcaster! Daniel was born in Haiti before moving onward to Santo Domingo Republic Dominican.

Personal Life

Bernabe was known to be a caring and supportive individual in his personal life. He loved spending time with his family and always went the extra mile to assist others when needed. Additionally, he worked hard to provide them with a good life while taking frequent vacations together.

As a scholar of both football and social issues in Argentina, he wrote many articles chronicling his experiences and providing valuable resources for anyone wanting to expand their understanding of the game.

Daniel Bernabe (Madrid, 1980) is a writer and journalist. He has published five books – among them, We Were At the End, La Distancia Del Presente y La Trampa De La Diversidad. Additionally, Daniel regularly contributes his insights on political, social and cultural realities to numerous national and international media. Is There Room For Play?

Net Worth

He makes a significant living as both a tennis player and endorser, winning multiple tournaments to claim cash prizes and obtaining numerous endorsements such as Lotto and Head sponsorship.

He maintains a modest lifestyle and prefers keeping his personal affairs private. He currently resides in Bondy and does not possess any expensive cars or properties.

He was always there for his family and friends whenever they needed assistance, including caring for a young lady that was dying of cancer – working from home so she had all she needed – before finally passing away herself. He loved and cherished her until the very last day of his life.

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