Daniel Barron

Daniel Barron is a Physician Assistant Who Works in Dermatology

Daniel Barron is a Physician Assistant who specializes in Dermatology. He graduated first in his class from the University of Texas-Pan American Physicians Assistant Masters program in 2010, and has over 12 years of experience working in Dermatology.

Baron assisted Raymond Twomey Duncan and his sons in founding Twomey Cellars winery in 1999, specialising in creating Merlot wines.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Barron hails from Lithuania, while his mother Ida Barron (nee Blaustein) was an active part of Baltimore Jewish life – as she helped found Ahavas Shalom Congregation as well as play an essential part in opening her family-run deli, D. Barron’s Deli in Lexington Market.

Barron has over four decades of experience working in public, private and Native American education as a teacher, coach, whole school change facilitator and curriculum developer. Additionally, he has written for numerous national journals about education.

Daniel Barron enjoys making wine in his free time and co-owns Complant Vineyard, producing Napa Valley Chardonnay and Santa Lucia Highland Pinot Noir in a vibrant yet moderate alcohol style. Additionally, he offers technical assistance on grape growing and winemaking – work which has been featured by The Wall Street Journal, TIME and Scientific American.

Professional Career

Daniel Barron has worked in Dermatology for twelve years. He graduated at the top of his class from University of Texas-Pan American Physician Assistant Master’s Program in Edinburg, Texas and has experience both in Texas and all five boroughs of New York City.

He currently works at Kellogg School of Management as an Associate Professor in the Strategy department, where his areas of specialization include contract theory and organizational economics. Additionally, he has published papers in journals like Journal of Public Economics and Review of Economic Studies.

Complant, his small production winery, produces vibrant yet moderate alcohol Napa Valley Chardonnay and Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir wines in vibrant, moderate alcohol styles. He and winemaker son Sam Baron also produce a limited edition Cabernet Sauvignon that has earned accolades from critics.

Achievement and Honors

Barron has been actively engaged with student organizations and volunteer efforts in his community. He was a member of Beta Sigma Psi and served on Student Government’s ISU Legislative Ambassadors team; additionally he volunteered at Habitat for Humanity and Memorial Lutheran Church.

He has written national thought pieces on issues including entrepreneurialism in higher education, how universities contribute to economic development, and reform of Greek life. Additionally, he serves on the board of Kish Bancorp Inc and was chair of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities’ Commission for Economic and Community Engagement.

As president, he prioritized diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at Penn State. He convened a select presidential commission to examine issues of racism and bias on campus as well as working closely with students on creating an inclusive campus environment.

Personal Life

Barron is well known in the wine business, but also an author with several published works to his credit. Operation Solo: The FBI’s Man in the Kremlin is his latest release which sheds light on Morris Childs a Communist Party member who secretly worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

With his vast colourful catalogue and bold cross-genre antics, his success can be traced to pop-rock anthems such as “So Much More” (DStv advert theme song) to dance floor chart-crushers like ‘Children of the Sun”. His music explores themes of love, inspiration and hope – making him one of South Africa’s iconic musical icons. Additionally, he collaborates closely with artists such as Euphonik, Kwesta, Sketchy Bongo Royal K and ProVerb among others.

Net Worth

In March 2011 Barron was appointed president and director of NuStar GP and LLC. Additionally he owns over 2000 units of stock from NuStar L P.

He has played professionally for various NBA teams and participated in the 2010 D-League All-Star game. After signing a 10-day contract with Phoenix Suns (before later being waived by them) and later Bakersfield Jam of NBA G League.

In 2014, Twomey started the “Rockstars Ride For CANSA” campaign to raise funds and honor those affected by cancer research. He currently works as video and player development assistant with Indiana Pacers of NBA; Twomey Cellars with his winemaking son is another venture he co-founded together.

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