Daniel Appleford

The Life of Daniel Appleford

High School: Competed in cross country and track & field and earned eight varsity letters… Ran 14:14 for 5K national team titles at high school national competition.

The petitioners request this Court issue a writ of mandamus ordering New College Oxford, to reinstate one Daniel Appleford who had been suspended as a fellow.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Appleford had an exciting early life. Born to an English settlers family and immigrating as an adult to Canada as an adult, he learned the trade of blacksmithing before finding employment elsewhere in various forms. Later settling in Asotin County as an engineer – which ultimately cemented his place among one of the great builders of our nation.

Studies of law were completed at New College in Oxford where he became a fellow in 1827, the year he was also elected to Washington’s legislature and involved with founding of Asotin Valley Bank (which he served on as director).

Professional Career

High school cross country star, he helped Newbury Park’s top four finish in unison at every meet. Now in college, he hopes to achieve something unprecedented by earning a perfect CIF-State Division 1 score at nationals this fall.

Kathryn Spilios juggles many intertwined responsibilities, projects, and achievements across Biology, CAS, BU and the wider educational efforts. Students attending her highly participatory classes rave about both their stimulating teacher as well as her being constantly accessible mentor.

Dan Appleford’s students are making impressive careers around the world as senior scientists, directors of institutes and departments, or chairs of academic programs. One of his thesis advisees recalls how “he was always there for me,” giving her confidence to present her research at professional conferences.

Achievement and Honors

Appleford earned multiple national team championships for cross country in high school and helped the squad set a High School National Team Record in 5K running. Appleford joined both National Honor Society and California Scholarship Federation before eventually becoming part of academic team.

James Uden, Amy Appleford, Kathryn Spilios and Rui Daniel Jaime of CAS faculty have received 2016 Templeton or Wisneski Scholarly Achievement Awards in recognition of their outstanding teaching and scholarly contributions. Students say Latinist Uden brings ancient Rome alive through engaging courses that span its full spectrum and scope.

Personal Life

He speaks from his heart, as evidenced by his success in business and by qualities like stability and worth that make up an authentic human being.

Appleford finds enjoyment in many different hobbies in his free time, from running and cycling to writing and editing several books about Los Angeles history. As feature editor for Times Community News he covered riots, political conventions and an abundance of pop culture events.

Appleford is married to Carolinr Emily Appleford and they share two children together, as well as three stepchildren. Additionally, Appleford boasts an extensive list of friends and associates who support his work.

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