Daniel Animations

Daniel Animations

Daniel uses animation to explore complex topics related to human behavior and relationships, taking his inspiration from folklore, myth, history and cultural traditions.

He combines musician and animator talents, producing music videos for artists such as Natalia Lafourcade as well as visuals for brands. Additionally, he does murals and designs.

Early Life and Education

Daniel is a London-based frame by frame animator and graduate of the Royal College of Art Animation MA. Inspired by stories and their characters, he creates colorful animations which blend reality with fantasy.

Daniel Tiger is a 4-year-old protagonist who presents relatable preschool discoveries and challenges to his family, friends, and neighbors in his Neighborhood of Make-Believe neighborhood. The show offers age-appropriate social-emotional strategies as well as practical life skills.

This show features many recurring and one-time characters, such as Hoagie the Pig, Tracker Shakila, Bengali Oracle Haruspex and Lucy Santana (a Dowser magician working for Bureau of Magical Enforcement), as well as special guests such as former BoME head Camilla Thomas/Dark Mage Camilla Thomas/Dark Mage Camilla Thomas/Dark Mage Camilla Thomas/Dark Mage Camilla Thomas and the Pie Maker.

Professional Career

He is a frame-by-frame animator with an affinity for storytelling and an eye for finding humor in everyday situations. His work draws its inspiration from myths, murder mysteries and stories from history.

He boasts an exceptional design background and excels at using UI/UX design, animation and human-centered approaches to optimize experiences that give businesses a competitive advantage.

Daniel has extensive professional experience as a storyboard artist, layout supervisor and background painter. Additionally, he has served as art director on multiple animated television series and films; most notably with Adult Swim’s four-episode series of Space Man shorts featuring an inept alien who seems unaware of everything going on around him.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Greaves has received several accolades for his short animated films including Manipulation and Flatworld, graduating from the Royal College of Art Animation MA program in 2007. His works explore themes such as folklore to murder mysteries.

He has worked for the National Film Board of Canada as a storyboard artist, layout supervisor and background painter on numerous television and feature films such as He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Fat Albert, She-Ra Princess of Power and Ghostbusters.

He is currently working on Space Man, an animated series to air on Adult Swim. Prior to that he worked on Imaginary Friends and stresses the importance of practicing often to be successful as an animator.

Personal Life

Daniel is an incredible musician with a deep-seated passion for music that has allowed him to flourish throughout his career. Additionally, he has made waves as an entrepreneur by opening Daniel Promocoes Artisticas studio in his hometown of Brotas.

Stephen posted a video called Actually, I Quit DanPlan in which he voiced his dissatisfaction with Daniel over their current relationship, specifically regarding money issues. According to Stephen, Daniel claims to only contribute one percent to Hosuh’s channel’s success while Hosuh reportedly earns thousands every month.

Daniel demonstrated this point with receipts to show he paid Stephen fairly and encouraged future members of DanPlan to know their value and not take others’ opinions for granted.

Net Worth

Since creating his YouTube channel in 2007, DanTDM has quickly become one of the most successful and widely followed channels online. His videos have amassed millions of views while also yielding significant returns through ads monetization.

He specializes in producing short videos that are entertaining and relatable, garnering him an extensive fan base that keeps coming back for more of his content.

Daniel has also established himself through partnerships with various companies. These interactions have allowed him to build his brand further and increase his net worth further through sponsorships, promotions, brand deals, and merch stores where his fans can purchase merchandise directly from him.

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