Dan Gibbons

Dan Gibbons

Gibbons takes great pride in his meticulous attention to detail when it comes to onboarding new clients or supporting existing ones with day-to-day operational services. He recognizes his role as being instrumental in helping clients build financially secure futures.

Gibbons and his companions were watching a football game together when they began discussing Chicago’s hunger issues.

Early Life and Education

Gibbons was raised in an elite English family. His grandfather amassed wealth, while Edward Gibbons served in the House of Commons. Unfortunately, Gibbons lost both parents when his mother passed away in 1747; an aunt helped develop his intellectual gifts; she taught him the value of history for feeding his mind.

Gibbons devoured both classical and modern literature. He studied French philosopher Voltaire’s writings on liberty which greatly inspired Gibbons.

Gibbons was an enthusiastic volunteer coach of Visitation Grade School football teams. Additionally, he color-cast Saint Xavier High School’s football and soccer games for Warner Cable as a color commentator, served on the board of Reggae Run and volunteered at Saint Francis Seraph soup kitchen – among many other activities! An avid reader himself, Gibbons enjoyed opera, football games, family gatherings and family parties.

Professional Career

Gibbons has enjoyed tremendous success in the financial industry. He has fulfilled various critical roles from investment counseling to financial education, and this experience has given him a deep knowledge of both emotional and financial implications associated with real estate transactions.

Gibbon’s experience as a banking professional provided him with insight into the damaging repercussions of poor financial decision-making, providing invaluable knowledge that enables him to guide real estate clients through each step of their transaction with empathy and an eye on achieving their desired goals.

Gibbons’ practice includes representing creditors, trustees and unsecured creditor committees in Chapter 11 cases as well as banks, private lenders, business owners and privately-held companies. He also handles non-bankruptcy workouts, foreclosures and receiverships in addition to general business and corporate matters.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Gibbons serves on the SJI Board while also working as Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in English at Catholic University. His scholarly writing has been published in SEL, TSLL and Religion and Literature journals.

He is best-known in the US for his collaborations with writer Alan Moore on Watchmen, widely considered one of the greatest graphic novels ever written. His artwork for the work stands out due to its striking use of comicbook nine-panel grid layout as well as its dense narrative and symbolic density.

Gibbons was one of the earliest artists on 2000 AD, beginning his work in the form of strips such as Ro-Busters before moving onto more serious material in Tharg’s Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and then Rogue Trooper. He illustrated 108 out of the first 131 progs/issues including an extended run on Rogue Trooper.

Personal Life

Dan Gibbons is an ardent family man and philanthropist. For over two decades, he has worked at the intersection between public and private sectors as a respected civic leader. Additionally, he founded his own real estate firm as well as serving on Clayco’s Board of Directors in Chicago – one of its premier construction and development companies.

While watching a Bears game and enjoying some beers at a nearby bar, Gibbons was approached by off-duty Elmhurst Police officer Bob Jones and asked to organize the 2nd annual Turkey Trot. At first hesitant, Gibbons reluctantly agreed, fearful of diminishing committee efforts and sponsors’ contributions but soon recognized its potential and agreed. It went off flawlessly and became an annual tradition.

Net Worth

Gibbons has made an impactful mark in many shows and earned widespread acclaim through her remarkable work. She has proven incredibly lucrative during her career and made massive amounts of money; additionally she is also an author, having written a book. You may want to check Alex Pall’s Net Worth too.

He specializes in creditors’ rights, bankruptcy law and general corporate matters. He has represented creditors’ committees, debtors and trustees in Chapter 11 cases as well as buyers, sellers and businesses in non-bankruptcy workouts, foreclosures and receiverships.

According to his SEC Form 4 filings, Gibbons owns one stock in total and made one insider trading transaction in the last 18 months; selling 4,920 shares of Capri Holdings Ltd for $1 Million.

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