Dan Gentry ’84

Dan Gentry ’84

Dan Gentry has more than three decades of experience working in financial services, from management positions to sales and marketing roles. At Angel Oak Capital he currently holds the position of Vice President, Bank Strategies where his responsibilities include business development and relationship management.

Police were then alerted that an elderly female with an ankle monitor hadn’t moved for six hours and she was found partially buried near Hollingsworth Drive.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Gentry was an all-around skilled individual, always smiling and making everyone laugh. He loved spending time with his family, smoking food for friends and hunting/fishing trips with Ashley Sullivan Gentry; all who knew him will miss him dearly; his legacy lives on in Eden Claire, John Paul and Cooper Dale who he leaves behind as his children.

Daniel Gentry, 31, has been charged with murdering 39-year-old Chrishteena Veach who was found buried in woods near Indianapolis last week. Gentry faces a murder charge.

Police report Gentry was killed with a baseball bat and stabbed 24 times, before her body was partially buried in the woods near where she resided. They conducted searches of her residence where blood could be seen on various objects like bats, trash cans, doors and exterior walls – as well as inside storage areas.

Professional Career

Daniel Gentry ’84 serves as president and CEO of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration, an umbrella group representing over 250 universities that offer degrees in healthcare administration. Additionally, he teaches healthcare administration and policy as an adjunct professor at the University of Iowa College of Public Health.

An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer found her shoes and pants wet with mud, her hands were cut and bloodied and she reported having had an altercation with Gentry over money that led to their dogs getting loose. According to the affidavit, she told him that this dispute had resulted in two fights over money between her and Gentry that caused their dogs to escape their confinement and get loose.

Investigators discovered blood in her house as well as on a bat, trash can, door, and exterior wall. At his arraignment hearing, Gentry pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect to capital murder charges for killing his grandmother.

Achievement and Honors

Dan is actively involved with Gentry United Methodist Church and serves on its Administrative Council. Additionally, he supports the Linda Gogswell Grandy Scholarship at College of Charleston that assists a student who exhibits both financial need and demonstrated commitment to creating an inclusive campus environment.

He has conducted over 55 short courses and published over 100 technical articles, with his textbook Mine Investment Analysis becoming an industry standard across universities worldwide.

Danny loves his family and friends dearly and is a huge sports enthusiast! Together with his wife Wava, Danny attends all Gentry Pioneer football, basketball and baseball games – having supported local athletic programs since his teenage years.

Personal Life

Third Power Performance was founded by Dan to assist high achievers find life balance. Leveraging his 30 years of software development and management experience from companies ranging from local startups to Fortune 10 giants, as well as his lifetime of self-improvement study, Dan uses humor and compassion to help his clients meet their goals.

Around three hours later, an IMPD officer responded to a call regarding a red pickup truck stuck in the mud that belonged to Gentry and saw him and his wife leaving after placing broken sticks under its tires in order to free it.

Gentry was known for handling various business disputes during his time with Coolidge Wall, including employment litigation, non-competition/trade secret litigation, tort litigation, and dispute resolution matters. He has tried cases in Ohio courts before judges and juries alike as well as advocated before state appellate and administrative bodies before representing companies in arbitrations/mediations sessions.

Net Worth

Gentry Larkin was named sole beneficiary on four life insurance policies owned by her late mother Teresa Larkin upon her death, leaving Gentry as sole named beneficiary for each policy. Gentry sued Larkin alleging wrongful death claiming she killed their mother and should therefore not receive any of the insurance proceeds; eventually this suit was settled through mediation agreement.

Gentry filed a suit in Washington County Law Court seeking to overturn their mediated agreement on grounds of fraud in inducement due to Larkin denying killing Teresa Larkin. The trial court dismissed their petition but Gentry appealed the ruling and won his case on appeal.

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