Dan Burgoyne

Dan Burgoyne

Dan’s expertise lies in multifamily and mixed-use brand development, public relations and proposal responses. Additionally, he holds LEED Fellowship status and advises California on green building policies.

An outstanding upper-level professor, this teacher provides clear grading criteria for assignments and cares deeply about his students. His lectures can be difficult and demanding – worth every effort!

Early Life and Education

Burgoyne’s early life was marked by drama and tension. Born to Lord Strange of a wealthy school friend family who would not allow him to marry Lady Charlotte Stanley’s daughter Charlotte Stanley; to support his young wife Burgoyne sold his commission and managed to gather several thousand pounds through various means.

Burgoyne planned ambitiously and was overconfident of his abilities during his campaign against rebel colonies. He bet Charles James Fox 10 pounds that he would come out victorious within one year; after two hard-fought battles he finally surrendered his army to American General Horatio Gates on October 1777.

After his surrender, he returned to England and settled into politics and writing plays – his humorous 1774 play Maid of the Oaks was performed for an audience; 1786 brought production of The Heiress which earned some success for him.

Professional Career

Dan Burgoyne is a business litigation attorney located in Providence, Rhode Island. His areas of specialty include business disputes, real estate law and commercial transactions – he has even handled many appeals!

He is a member of the Rhode Island Bar Association and admitted to practice before the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island. Additionally, he was selected as one of Rhode Island’s Rising Stars–an award bestowed upon no more than 2% of attorneys nationwide.

He has an outstanding personality and cares deeply for the success of his students! As an excellent professor with clear grading criteria and challenging assignments – but always worth the effort – I would absolutely take his course again!

Achievement and Honors

Burgoyne was both an iconic public figure and skilled military leader. He devised an invasion scheme for the British army that sought to cut New England off from America and end its Revolutionary War.

He helped form the first light horse units in the British army – groups of soldiers on horses that could rapidly move between locations – an innovative reform which wasn’t widely adopted until early nineteenth century.

As soon as he was free of Standford Hill open prison in Kent, Burgoyne began boasting on social media about living the high life like Wolf of Wall Street star Jordan Belfort; featuring flash cars and expensive nights out at The Savoy Hotel or West End theaters.

Personal Life

Dan was also a builder, fixer, burden carrier and hunter. He could recite E. E. Cummings works from memory while cuddling infants close. Furthermore, his special talent lay in making ladies feel special as no other presence existed in a room.

He was an incredible family man, fond of playing practical jokes on nieces and nephews (such as an unannounced water squirt in the face) or gazing upon the night sky together.

Burgoyne, who was jailed for two years in January after defrauding 18 individuals out of their money by selling carbon credits, diamonds and wine at high markup rates, likened himself to Wolf of Wall Street actor Jordan Belfort. Now after just eight months at Standford Hill open prison in North Yorkshire he has returned – posting pictures online showing off London nights out at The Savoy Hotel and West End theatres as well as socializing on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Net Worth

Burgoyne played a vital role for Port Adelaide in 2008, amassing centre clearances and tackles before finishing fourth in their best and fairest award. Additionally, he assisted Port’s goal kicking efforts.

Canterbury Crown Court heard how Burgoyne defrauded 18 victims through his companies Elite Broker Company and Elite Commodity Markets, telling them they could invest in wine, diamonds and carbon credits – but only providing PS10,000 back as compensation – while taking away nearly PS60,000 himself.

Prosecutor Jim Harvey alleges the businessman pretended to be a City big shot by mimicking Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street and spending lavishly on luxurious holidays and flash cars, then blowing any extra funds on luxury holidays and flash cars. When police raided his Folkestone office space they discovered a PS1,500 diamond as well as PS30,000 stashed in bank accounts.

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