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Mya Damn Homie – What Is Her Real Name?

Whether you’re looking to find out about the net worth of Mya Damn Homie, want to know her exes, and want to know about her body features, you’re sure to find something here that you’re interested in.

Mya Damn Homie’s net worth

Known as Mya Damn Homie, Damn Homie is an American-born social media influencer who has a net worth of more than $1 million. Damn Homie has a fan base of more than one million followers and has been successful in securing brand endorsement deals. She has earned a huge salary through her professional career.

She is a graduate of Adelphi Academy and New York Film Academy. She has also studied acting at Lee Strasberg Theater in New York City. Damn Homie has been featured on WorldStarHipHop and has received recognition for her comedic videos. She has also collaborated with other Instagram comedians.

Damn Homie was a real estate agent before she became a social media star. She used to earn a few thousand dollars from her job. After gaining success with her videos, she decided to become a full-time social media influencer.

Mya Damn Homie’s dating life

Probably one of the most famous Instagram personalities, Mya Damn Homie, has also had a successful dating life. She has gained millions of fans through her social media accounts and brand endorsement deals. She is also a successful model. Throughout her career, she has earned a huge salary.

Mya Damn Homie was born to Mikhail Ehrlikh and Margo Ehrlikh in Moscow, Russia. She graduated from the All Girls Jewish High School and then attended Adelphi Academy in New York City. After graduation, she took acting classes at the New York Film Academy and Lee Strasberg Theater. She was also interested in volleyball and tennis when she was in school.

When Mya was five years old, her mother abandoned her. She was later raised by her father and stepmother. She lived in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. Her father married another woman when she was eleven. During this time, she received death threats because she was jewish. Her biological mother reunited with her when she was 21.

Mya Damn Homie’s body features

Despite being a professional blogger, Mya Damn Homie is not from a traditional media background. She was raised by her single parent in Moscow, Russia, before they moved to the United States when she was six. She completed her primary schooling there. She did not speak English, so she grew up with language barriers.

Mya Damn Homie’s body features include a black eye, golden hair, and a sexy figure. She is tall for her age, measuring 5 feet and 4 inches. She is said to be an early bloomer, having started blogging at age 14.

Damnhomie11 is not only a social media influencer, but also a content creator. She has two Instagram accounts, one of which has more than a million followers. She also has a private account.

Mya Damn Homie’s exes

During her school days, Damn Homie used to be interested in volleyball and tennis. In fact, she was planning to become a professional tennis player. However, after school, she decided to become a real estate agent instead. This choice earned her enough money to improve her lifestyle.

Later on, she decided to use her talent and skills to become a social media influencer. Since then, she has attracted a huge fan base. She has also gained endorsement deals for various brands. Her net worth is estimated to be $100,000 in 2022.

She is known for her bold look. Besides being a social media influencer, she is also a content creator. In fact, she has close to one million followers on her public Instagram account. She also has a private Instagram account called Damnhomie11. She is known for her comedic sketches and hot pictures.

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