Daffney Unger Pictures

Daffney Unger Pictures

Daffney Unger was a professional wrestler, who died of a suicide in September 2017. She was also known as the Scream Queen, and was one the most well-known wrestlers of the 1990s. She wrestled in the World Championship Wrestling, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and Shine Wrestling. She was also a television and camera operator. Her death is still a cause of mourning and sadness.

Daffney Unger, a former WWE wrestler, was found dead at her Atlanta home. The Gwinnett County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed her death, but the cause of death remains unknown. Unger, 46, had previously posted an Instagram Live the day before she was found dead. WWE released the video, but did not provide any details about the cause of death.

The death of Daffney Unger, nicknamed ‘Scream Queen’, has shocked the world. She was last seen on Instagram Live discussing the symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain disorder caused by repeated concussions. She had struggled with her mental health for several weeks after her death. Foley had asked for help in finding the former wrestler. His message went directly to voicemail.

Daffney began her career in WCW as an assistant manager. She was well-known for her association with Crowbar and David Flair. In 1999, she was the second woman to hold the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. When WCW was acquired by the World Wrestling Federation, she was forced to retire. Despite her success she continued to play other roles. You can see Daffney Unger in action in the following videos:

Shannon Spruill was an American professional wrestler, manager, and actress. She was known for her sweet and funny personality. She loved animals and was a strong advocate for lions. She is known for inspiring a whole generation of wrestlers. She also had a very unique personality, and her smile and infectious laugh made her an inspiration to many people. Daffney’s family and friends loved her deeply and will be greatly missed by her.

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