Crying Sungles Emoji

The Crying Sungles Emoji

The crying sungles emoji is a common emoticon. It features a face with one tear flowing down its cheek. The emoji has been used to convey a variety of emotions, including sadness, sorrow, and general unhappiness. It was approved for Unicode 6.0 use in 2010 and then added to Emoji 1.0 by 2015. The LG version of the Emoji has no eyebrows.

Another popular type of emoji is the smiling face, which represents a variety of different emotions. You can include a variety of emoticons, including crying emoji or smiling emoji, in your text messages. These emoji also represent a range of different emotions, from happiness to sadness to anger and surprise. The crying sungles emoji is one of the most popular types of emoji for text messages, and it is also a popular choice for birthdays and other occasions.

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