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Crescent Olive in Mount Pleasant

Olive oil is an integral part of life, from topping off salads to massaging skin; one Mount Pleasant shop stands out as an essential provider of this nutrient-rich liquid gold.

Customers can indulge in over 60 balsamic vinegars and olive oils, each stainless steel jug being marked with its harvest date.

Early Life and Education

Olive oil has become an indispensable staple for culinary enthusiasts looking for flavor, whether that means using it to dress their salad, saute shrimp, or add a youthful glow to their complexion. One shop in Mount Pleasant is offering an impressive collection of this liquid gold worthy of the goddess Athena.

Charlotte notes that while most customers at her store are women, men often stop by to enhance their grilling abilities. Charlotte offers olive oils infused with flavors ranging from wild mushroom and sage to rosemary and basil for customers to choose from.

Cesar Pelli designed McKinney & Olive as an extraordinary structure in downtown Dallas. Distinguished by its sleek design, rooftop terrace and one-acre outdoor piazza – making this building a destination for office tenants, residents and the local community alike.

Professional Career

Crescent Crescent’s hospitality team is committed to upholding high standards of work procedures, dress and grooming as set by hotel work procedures and dress and grooming policies, punctuality, attendance and being knowledgeable of guest services policies.

Crescent Olive offers an assortment of premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars with harvest dates marked on them, along with after-hours tasting events that provide customers with an opportunity to meet each other and mingle.

June’s 49-year teaching career started during World War II at Rose Hill School in Logan County. She quickly earned a reputation as a great educator and leader both within her school community and church community; program presenter for local organizations and committee membership were among her many responsibilities; in her church community, June was active as Sunday School teacher, Vacation Bible School director and pianist.

Achievement and Honors

At first glance, Crescent’s new commercial jewel will resemble any other parking lot in Uptown with cars parking or weeds being cleared; however, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects — responsible for world-renowned buildings such as New York’s World Financial Center and Malaysia’s Petronas Towers — designed it as its crown commercial gem slated to open by late 2022.

The Crescent Olive stands apart from other specialty stores by exclusively offering olive oils and balsamic vinegars for customers to sample, including more than 60 oils such as Sicilian Lemon and Coconut flavored varieties. Furthermore, olives from both hemispheres are offered – each six months they are switched out in order to ensure customers always receive freshest oil!

Personal Life

The Crescent Olive offers specialty olive oils and balsamic vinegars designed to elevate any dish’s flavor profile, from vinaigrettes to drizzle over ice cream. Customers can take advantage of on-site tastings.

Mount Pleasant Olive Oils features olive oils from both hemispheres, each stainless steel jug bearing its production date clearly marked on it. Owner Mike Easler believes that fresher oils offer superior taste and nutritional benefits.

He says the store’s blood orange-chocolate brownies are particularly well received and can convert even the most skeptical customer into an olive oil enthusiast. In addition, after-hour events are hosted where customers can gather with friends to sample various oils and balsamics.

Net Worth

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Crescent Real Estate LLC owns and operates an expansive portfolio of premier real estate assets across the U.S. This includes Class A office properties, the Hotel Crescent Court in Dallas and Canyon Ranch wellness lifestyle resort.

The Crescent Olive on Devine Street draws chefs, bakers and curious passersby with its selection of 60+ ultra-premium olive oils and balsamic vinegar condimentos – much like wineries in terms of harvest date marking on stainless steel jugs – which are swapped out every six months to provide customers with access to only freshest olives available.

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