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Who Is Cote De Pablo?

The Chilean-born actress, Cote de Pablo, has a slit in her left ear lobe. When she was 10, she came to the USA and starred as TOCA Race Driver. Her mother was an actress on a Spanish-language television network. She has been in several movies and TV shows, including NCIS. She has also suffered injuries from doing kickboxing stunts, including a broken neck and back. She doesn’t like social media and doesn’t post much on her site.

She was born in Miami, Florida and attended Arvida Middle School. She later went on to study at Carnegie Mellon University where she majored in music theater. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 2000 with a BFA in theater. After completing her degree, she started acting on stage. She has appeared in many plays. She also has been nominated for several awards.

Cote de Pablo, who was a guest on CBS’s crime drama NCIS, returned to television after the success of NCIS. In 2005, she reprised her role as Special Agent Ziva David on the show. The creators of the show said it was the perfect role for her and that her previous experience will make the series a success. The show will return to CBS in the fall of 2021.

Cote de Pablo, despite her success on television is also a talented musician. Before joining the entertainment industry, she studied music at Carnegie Mellon University and began learning English. She was a talented singer and dancer as a child. In her teenage years, she also attended a performing arts high school in Miami. She said she enjoyed the challenge of learning a new language. Moreover, the name Cote de Pablo has become a part of her public persona.

Although Cote de Pablo recently left the NCIS series, it’s unclear why she quit the show. The actress has been working on several projects since then, including films and TV shows. She has worked with Michael Weatherly, as well as other notable actors. She’s also a frequent guest star on NCIS, and she was praised for her role. She also starred on the hit CBS drama The Young and the Restless.

De Pablo was raised in a strict Catholic environment, but she now believes in God. Her grandparents divorced and her grandmother died from cancer at an early age. During this time, she strengthened her faith in God. She spoke out about this with Prevention magazine, and shared the difficult times she had as a young woman. She wished she could make the world a better place and live a happy life. Amid this turmoil, de Pablo has kept a close relationship with her mother and a godparent.

Before becoming a popular TV star, Cote de Pablo was in a long-term relationship with actor Diego Serrano. Before joining the show, she worked as a waitress for New York. She first appeared on the American TV series ‘The Jury’ in 2004, which aired on the Fox Television Network. Cote de Pablo was first cast in 2005 on CBS’ ‘NCIS. In 2011, she won her first major award as officer Ziva David.

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