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Cornelius Thomas Net Worth

Cornelius Thomas, an expert rheumatology specialist based out of Vestavia, AL who graduated from Duke University has over fifty years of experience.

He participated in both the Cayuse War and Yakima Indian war. Later he served in Batman Federal Parliament but felt forced by party loyalty to support economic policies which were contrary to his personal views.

Early Life and Education

Cornelius Thomas came from an impoverished family. At 11, he left school and began working on the waterfront with his father; eventually expanding their business by ferrying cargo between Staten Island and Manhattan with their small fleet of boats.

He was an ardent follower of Jesus Christ and member of Ephesians Missionary Baptist Church. Known for leading devotion and powerful preaching, he also contributed to numerous social causes throughout Galveston County while sitting on various advocacy and legislative committees.

He was a loving family man, with many nieces and nephews that adored him. He is survived by his mother, Sis. Jennie Mercer; daughters Venelia Mercer Jones and Paul Mercer as well as sons Aulexus and Philip Mercer as well as three sisters Valerie Footman Lena Mann and Sharon Houston plus grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Professional Career

Cornelius Geary was an eclectic figure with many interests and credentials, serving both small town newspapers and big city magazine editors in their coverage of sports, energy, politics, crime, nature and business matters. Additionally, his legal practice focused on government affairs.

As a football player, he earned the Lombardi Award as one of only two Alabama players ever to do so. Additionally, he set Crimson Tide records for quarterback sacks in both game and season playback, fumble recoveries in both career playback and blocked kicks per season playback.

He joined Fresno State Strength and Conditioning’s staff as an assistant coach for football, men’s basketball, volleyball and developing an integrated sports performance plan for women’s water polo in October 2020.

Achievement and Honors

Cornelius served in both the Oregon Territorial Legislature and then, upon statehood, in the Oregon State Senate. An active Republican, he built Cornelius Pass Road which bears his name – now preserved at Cornell University’s Cornelius Young Library along with many of his papers such as letters and speeches.

At Convocation, students receive various awards and prizes to recognize outstanding achievements in academics, scholarship and research. The Carl Wagner Psychology Honors Award honors distinguished participation in the psychology program while Alpha Gamma Psi Award is given to seniors who have excelled at course work for four years while Political Science Award honors those with demonstrated outstanding proficiency in their major.

Notable awards include the Damali A. Booker Award, which recognizes student activism on behalf of Legal Aid Society work; and Thomas C. Banks Outstanding Jessup Team Member Award presented to those students who have contributed most towards its success.

Personal Life

Cornelius Thomas is a well-recognized business executive and entrepreneur in the fitness industry, holding several roles including founding TentLogix in Potwin, United States – which now employs approximately 30 staffers.

He has also worked as a writer and playwright. His first play, Wheel of Fortune, premiered at the Abbey Theatre in Cork, Ireland, in 1909. Subsequently he composed Sovereign Love at this same theatre.

He has served as a member of the Australian parliament since 2001, contributing to various legislative and policy-making initiatives, including creating a national maternity leave scheme. Additionally, he was an outspoken critic of Australia’s involvement in World War Two; due to his earlier pacifism he later came to identify strongly with Labor’s left wing.

Net Worth

Cornelius Thomas is a prolific serial entrepreneur with an eye for finding new opportunities. He founded various businesses such as Adility – an online to offline e-commerce solution and Armatic Technologies which provide financial services that accelerate order to cash cycles and streamline billing – as well as Cience (a lead generation firm) and Taskware, an API designed to enable tasks performed by humans.

He serves on the boards of Carisma Comercial Ltda and T.R.Portfolios Administrados Ltda as well as being a partner at T.R.Portfolios Administrados Ltda, where he was instrumental in supporting young entrepreneurs via Lemonade Day Galveston County as well as helping with advocacy and legislative issues in his local business community. Furthermore, he loves traveling extensively while being an avid patron of arts – even enjoying playing basketball!

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