Conan Gray Album Covers

Conan Gray Album Covers

Conan Gray is the latest in a line of talented young musicians, including the aforementioned Kid Krow and elvis del rey. In his first official release, the Conan Gray Album, the pop star offers up a dozen tunes that range from indie to pop to rap. Though the album isn’t for the faint of heart, fans can enjoy the swoon-inducing melodies. It’s not hard to see why a generation of young fans is so enamored with the former Texas native.

The Conan Gray Album is a mashup of the most interesting and innovative songs to come out of the late 1990s. Its 12 tracks include a few notable omissions, but there are plenty of other gems to be found. One of the more interesting and eye-catching is the song “Affluenza,” which features a stellar guitar part and an intriguing concept. That’s not to mention the clever title track, which uses a combination of the classic and the contemporary to create an earworm for even the most hardened of hipsters.

Among the other more notable Conan Gray Album tracks are “The Story,” “(Can We Be Friends?),” “The Big One,” and the upbeat “Wish You Were Sober.” Of course, these songs may not be a revelation to fans of the late night television host, but they’re definitely worth the listen. Aside from the catchy tunes, the most enticing aspect of the collection is the quality of its production. Designer Philip Castle used seven colors of ink to add depth and a teardrop shaped element for a little extra oomph.

Considering the fact that the Conan Gray Album is not only one of the most creative and exciting releases of the last five years, but also the most commercially viable of the genre, it’s no surprise that the accompanying merchandise is as impressive as the music itself. Even better, most of the product is designed by independent artists. Most of the designs use eco-friendly and socially responsible printing techniques. Using the Conan Gray logo is a good way to ensure that your purchase a positive impact on the environment.

Besides the album’s twelve songs, the aforementioned homage to Conan’s storied hometown of Georgetown, Texas, the Conan Gray Album boasts an array of cool and quirky album covers. Whether it’s a crow flying above a man in a black suit or a fanciful rendition of the Hollywood sign, there’s an album cover that’s perfect for your needs.

Obviously, the biggest con is the price. Fans can expect to pay up to $10 for the album, though it’s not unusual for fans to shell out an extra couple of bucks for the exclusive edition of the CD. However, fans should rest assured that their money will go a long way thanks to the high-quality production and the wide array of cool and quirky album covers.

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