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Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Jane Pritzker is a Visionary

Pritzker, a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Army, is an historian, businesswoman, investor, developer and philanthropist. She established TAWANI Enterprises – an umbrella organization comprising various privately-owned companies such as TAWANI Property Management and Hospitality Services, Master Wings Publishing, Mission94 Firearms Education Center and Aurum Trading.

TAWANI Enterprises manages several nonprofit interests through foundation work, such as military history and education organizations. Pritzker was also the founder of the Pritzker Military Museum and Library.

Early Life and Education

In 1973, she took part in a work study program in Israel and witnessed first-hand the Yom Kippur War. Impelled by this experience to fight back, she joined the Army as an infantryman and rose through its ranks, eventually attaining lieutenant colonel. While in service she worked with 101st Airborne Division and VII Corps at Fort Campbell – leading rifle platoons as well as TOW platoons under her direction.

She founded the TAWANI Foundation, donating generously to arts and culture, historical preservation, health & wellness initiatives as well as LGBT & human rights initiatives. Additionally, she has been an outspoken critic of anti-LGBTQ policies and written multiple op-ed pieces on this topic.

Pritzker has received multiple accolades for her charitable commitment and business acumen, such as an Honorary Doctorate from Norwich University and an Antarctic Service Medal in recognition of her participation in expeditions to Antarctica.

Professional Career

Her charitable activities span several areas, such as arts and culture, historic preservation, health and wellness initiatives, education and LGBT causes. Her Tawani Foundation promotes military awareness and heritage; her Pritzker Military Museum and Library (PMML) strives to develop “citizen soldiers”, individuals who use lessons learned in military service to improve civilian life.

TAWANI Enterprises was established by her in 1994 to serve as an umbrella organization with a private equity portfolio that includes startup and mature innovative companies across multiple industries. TAWANI Property Management, Master Wings Publishing, Mission94 Firearms Education Center, Aurum Trading are some of the many holdings within TAWANI Enterprises; also invested in Squadron Capital LLC along with various industrial firms; furthermore she holds stakes in Hyatt Hotels as well as holdings at Squadron Capital LLC; an honorary colonel within Illinois Army National Guard as well as stakes stakes in Squadron Capital LLC; additionally she holds honorary colonel status with Illinois Army National Guard;

Achievement and Honors

Colonel Pritzker was honored with Illinois’ Bicentennial Honor 200 award and also won an YWCA Leader Luncheon award during 2017.

Colonel Pritzker currently serves as Chairman of the Tawani Foundation, an organization which supports various organizations related to military awareness, heritage, arts & culture, health & wellness, the environment, LGBTQ rights & human rights. She also founded the Pritzker Military Museum & Library (PMML).

PMML is dedicated to commemorating and honoring soldiers’ service; their Liberty Gala raised nearly $800,000. Additionally, they received the 2016 Spirit of Hope award from the Department of Defense.

Personal Life

Colonel Pritzker currently serves as President and CEO of Tawani Enterprises, as well as founding both Tawani Foundation and Pritzker Military Library in 1995. She holds an honorary colonel rank with Illinois Army National Guard, and also invests in Squadron Capital LLC based out of Connecticut.

Ms. Davis is an outspoken proponent for LGBTQ rights, supporting organizations that advance arts, culture, health and wellness and environmental causes. Through her philanthropy she has restored historic theaters in Chicago as well as rare books stores; also supporting classical music through supporting institutions like Chicago Symphony Orchestra and radio station WFMT as well as contributing to parks and public schools across Chicago.

Net Worth

The Pritzker family has built its fortune through hotel chain Hyatt, but also holds investments in real estate and business. However, the recent economic slowdown has been challenging for their heirs; profit at family-owned industrial firm Marmon was reduced while travel growth at hotel chains decreased significantly.

Jennifer Pritzker, who publicly came out as transgender in 2013, has an estimated net worth of $2 billion. She currently heads Chicago-based property management company Tawani Enterprises and founded the Pritzker Military Library in 2003; both foundations support education initiatives as well as efforts to preserve American military history.

Thomas, Jennifer’s younger brother, owns the Los Angeles Dodgers and is involved in various ventures such as vegan food company Beyond Meat and alternative car sales platform Carvana. Like his older sister and cousins before him, Thomas contributes generously to charitable organizations throughout Illinois where they reside.

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