Coleman Laffoon

Coleman Laffoon and Alexi Heche Are Married!

American real estate agent, Coleman “Coley” Laffoon, is the founder of the Laffoon Group and director of residential sales at Compass Real Estate. He was born in 1973 and is a Libra of White ethnicity. He worked in the TV series “The Dead Will Tell” and met his ex-wife Anne through the show. The actress passed away on August 12, 2016.

From 2001 to 2009, Laffoon married Anne Heche. In 2002, Homer was born to the couple. The child is now twenty-one years old. The couple divorced in 2007 and Laffoon went on to be a real estate broker. He later married Alexi Heche. They were married again in 2009.

After a short separation, Coleman and Laffoon married again in 2015. They met at Miami University. The couple has three children together: Emmylou Polk (born in August 2016), Wyatt Tennyson (born in July 2014), and Zoey Marine Lafon (born in July 2014). The couple also have a dog named Homer, and have been active in real estate and construction for over a decade.

His father is Polk Laffoon IV. He has also served as camera operator on Ellen DeGeneres’ American Summer Documentary. Laffoon met Heche while the two were on Ellen DeGeneres’ stand-up comedy tour in 2002. They were married on September 1, 2001 and had their son Homer in 2002. After a short break, Coleman Laffoon returned to his entertainment career.

After working in the entertainment industry, Coleman moved into real estate. He currently has a full-time job as the Director of Residential Sales at Compass, earning a commission for luxury residential properties. He also makes money through his company, the Laffoon Group. So what’s the scoop on Coleman and Alexi’s love story? Keep reading to find out. Coleman Laffoon are married!

In addition to being a successful real estate agent, Laffoon is a successful TV personality and media personality. Anne Heche, his wife, also worked in media. He was a cameraman on Ellen DeGeneres’ American Summer Documentary in 2001 and a producer on “The Dead Will Tell” TV series in 2004. Coleman Laffoon’s networth is estimated to be $ 1 million.

Coleman was a comedian and also played a small part in “The Dead Will Tell,” a 2004 film that starred Anne Heche, Chris Sarandon and Eva Longoria. Before becoming a wife, Heche had a romantic relationship with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. Three years later, the relationship ended. In September 2001, Heche married her ex-friend. Their son was born in the following year.

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