Coleen Lopez

A Brief Biography of Colleen Lopez

Before she became a TV personality, Colleen Lopez started her career in Twin Cities as a reporter. Her popularity spread quickly and she has since gained fans across the country and made quite a bit of money. She has cited her parents as her role models. We will be looking at some of the many facts you can learn about her in the next paragraphs. The following is a brief biography of Colleen Lopez.

Colleen Lopez was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has been working in television for nearly two decades. She started her career as a model and appeared in many television commercials. Later, she was hired as a news reporter on KSTP-TV in Minnesota. She quickly rose to fame as a talk-show host, becoming popular on shows like Mall of America or Good Company. However, her career has been far from over.

Lopez began her career in the Twin Cities as a reporter, and soon found her home on HSN. In 1994, she moved with her family to Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida. She has been taking America shopping since then with her own brands. Her jewelry line, Colleen Lopez Brand has been featured in “My Favorite Things” and has been a source for inspiration for fitness enthusiasts.

Colleen Lopez is a local celebrity thanks to her TV show’s success. HSN offered her a job in the early 1990s due to her expertise as a world-class TV host and shopper. She has now been hosting her own show on HSN for over 17 years and continues to impress viewers with her easy-going style. She also has her own clothing and jewelry line, which she launched in 2004.

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