Cole Swindell Wife Died

Cole Swindell’s Wife Died on Sunday

Cole Swindell shared the sad news that Betty Carol Rainey, his wife, had died on Sunday. The tragic news was unexpected, but it’s a fitting tribute to her memory. “You Should Be Here,” a song Cole Swindell wrote with Ashley Gorley, will be available on country radio starting Monday. The new single is a song for anyone missing someone special. Cole posted the news of her death to his Instagram story.

On social media, the country singer posted that Betty Carol Rainey had died. He did not give a reason for her passing, but he thanked her for raising him with humility in the face of his recent success. He wrote an Instagram post titled “My mom kept my humble, despite all my fame.” In the past, he has written about his gratitude for his mother. She was his biggest supporter and a constant source of strength and encouragement.

Despite this tragic news, Swindell has continued to perform, as his fourth studio album, Some Things, has received positive reviews from critics. Swindell has also started touring with Thomas Rhett. His career has been hit hard by the loss of his wife. Fans can purchase tickets for his new tour dates in June 2021. The news about Cole Swindell’s wife’s death has prompted fans to share their condolences and wishes for her a speedy recovery.

Cole Swindell’s networth has been lowered by the death of a family member. His net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. During his recent trip to Atlanta, the singer shared that he’s writing new songs during his time in quarantine. These songs will be featured in his forthcoming album. It’s still unclear how the songs will be received by fans. Swindell’s biggest hit song in 2013 was “Chillin’ It”.

Swindell’s father, who was 65 years old, died in 2013. The death occurred while Swindell was working on a truck. Six weeks after Swindell’s first major success in music, the tragedy struck. After his father’s death, Swindell was able to focus on his own music career. It is hard to imagine the devastating effects that this death had on Swindell and his young family. Despite the tragedy, he continued to be a successful musician.

The song’s music video was a huge success. Swindell is a huge supporter of the Atlanta Falcons, Braves, and other teams. He also supports our troops. He donated $1 for each album sold through his online store in 2008. This was a significant achievement for Swindell. Swindell’s song became the first single to go gold. It is now one of the most loved songs on the country charts.

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