Cold Play Album Covers

The Artwork Behind Coldplay Album Covers

You’ve probably seen the Coldplay album covers – or perhaps you’re curious about the different ones. No matter your reasoning, you should know about some of the artwork behind these albums. Here are a few examples. You can also read the interview of the artist responsible for the cover of Mylo Xyloto’s album. And if you’re still not convinced, keep reading! The artist behind the album’s cover, Chris Martin, tells us why he came up with the concept.

If you’re curious about Coldplay’s new album cover, consider this: the new one translates the band’s name into binary code. This means that each colour block is a 1, and each gap is a 0, which is the definition of a geek. So, what does it mean? The cover is the interpretation of the band’s self-described geek lead singer.

Ghost Stories was inspired by a collection of etchings. The animation of the album cover can now be viewed online in full before its release on May 19, 2009. The etchings were created by Mila Furstova, a Czech artist. They are well-known for their elegance. The artwork has been in progress for some time now and it is clear that she is a big Coldplay fan.

One of the most fascinating and controversial album covers is the cover of ‘Viva La Vida.’ The album cover features an image by Eugene Delacroix from France. It is remarkably similar to the cover of a painting of the same name that Coldplay released ‘Viva La Vida.’ The resulting painting is one of the most stunning album covers of all time.

The enigmatic colour code and the use of the Albertus typeface, inspired many Coldplay fans. Emile Baudot developed the telegraph alphabet. It consisted of five 1s and one 0; X is 10111. On the Coldplay album cover, a gap in the first column represents a 0 while three 1s are found in the third. This way, the letter “X” represents the first letter in the band’s name.

Coldplay’s 1998 debut gig featured ‘Panic’ as a track. Parachutes, their debut EP, released the song in a reworked version. The song was about a night with a young lady. The band performed on the Other Stage between Toploader and David Gray. The set included eight songs. The crowd was enthralled and Coldplay’s fans were astonished.

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