Claudia Adamo

Claudia Adamo, VP of Merchandising at Costco

Adamo began her Costco career in 1992 as a member assistant and quickly rose through the ranks to inventory control specialist. In 2004 she relocated to Los Angeles as regional non-foods buying manager; ultimately becoming senior VP of merchandising for non-foods and e-commerce merchandiser. Adamo quickly became known as an invaluable mentor for other employees climbing their way in their career development journeys.

Early Life and Education

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Achievement and Honors

Claudine Adamo has earned numerous honors and awards during her time at Mount Holyoke College. She was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society, received the A. Anastos Award for Excellence and Judge Moore Award, in addition to receiving various scholarships.

She earned her bachelor of education with an emphasis on early childhood ed. As a licensed teacher, she has experience teaching in different educational environments; currently employed as an elementary school teacher at Athol Elementary School in Massachusetts where she serves on its Board of Directors and acts as fund raising ambassador for John Bastyr College Naturopathic Medicine located in Seattle Washington.

Personal Life

Claudine Adamo stands as an impressive member of her family and has made an indelible mark in natural medicine through her RH factor work and books written about it. She has helped thousands improve their health with diet changes and exercise regimens while receiving many awards for her achievements.

Claudine enjoys dabbling in art and design in her spare time, particularly sculpture that goes beyond tradition. Most recently, her latest creation is an intricate set of ceramic trompe l’oeil broken biscuits; but what has drawn the most interest is her waist-high model of a termite mound on display at her Berlin studio since last December.

Net Worth

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As of 26 October 2022, her estimated net worth is $4.13 Million. She owns over 2,000 units of Costco Wholesale Corp stock and has made at least two trades since 2022 in that stock, most recently selling 2,000 units on 26 October for $991,940.

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