Ciera Payton Net Worth

Ciera Payton is an American Actress, Writer, Social Activist and Entrepreneur. She has appeared in notable television series and films such as Flight of Fury, General Hospital and NCIS as well as Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral.

At 5 feet 8 inches, she stands in a relationship with Aaron Burgess but their details on how and when they met are kept private. She boasts natural beauty at 5′ 8″.

Early Life and Education

Ciera Payton is an accomplished actress, writer, social activist and entrepreneur from New Orleans who first discovered acting through street performers and artists there. Through creative writing classes at her alma mater and participation in theater performances and short film production, she eventually found her calling in acting.

Talent and dedication to her profession has enabled her to amass an impressive income through acting, hosting podcasts and endorsements. She is well-known as Zia from The Walking Dead and Grace on General Hospital as well as Casandra on USA Network’s Graceland series.

She has shared the screen with well-known artists such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Nicolas Cage and Kevin Hart – as well as having her own cosmetic line called Sincerely Cosmetics.

Professional Career

Ciera Payton has made considerable sums through her professional acting career as a television actress. She has appeared in multiple movies and series such as AMC’s The Walking Dead, Spike Lee’s Oldboy and as the cheering coach who leads an unsuccessful campaign in The Runner starring Nicolas Cage – among many others.

New Orleans native Jasmine graduated with a BFA in drama from University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Since then she has shared the screen with such well-known actors as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Steven Seagal and Kevin Hart.

Ciera is not only involved with acting but also social activism and entrepreneurship. She has an avid interest in helping youth. Furthermore, she founded Michael’s Daughter as an initiative that aids family members of those incarcerated.

Achievement and Honors

Ciera Payton is an accomplished American actress, writer, social activist and entrepreneur best known for her roles on The Walking Dead as Zia McMorris; General Hospital as Grace McMorris; NCIS as Laurie Perkins and Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral as Sylvia.

Ciera has built up an immense following and appreciation from both fans and critics in her field, earning her accolades from both. Furthermore, she is deeply engaged with philanthropy – regularly offering time and resources to organizations that promote mental health awareness and women’s empowerment.

Ciera was born January 26th 1986 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Following Hurricane Katrina she relocated with her family to North Carolina where she eventually earned a BFA degree at University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Personal Life

Ciera Payton is an American actress, writer, social activist, and entrepreneur best known for her roles on The Walking Dead as Zia and Flight of Fury as well as for appearing on other TV series such as General Hospital, NCIS and Tyler Perry’s Madea Family Funeral.

She grew up in multiple communities within New Orleans, working with at-risk youth through artistic programs. After moving to Los Angeles in 2010, she secured the role of Janet Tanner on BBC America’s reboot of Torchwood.

Talented actress Keira Knightley prefers to keep her personal life private and has not revealed much information regarding her relationships or family – though she frequently posts pictures with a romantic interest on social media platforms, possibly suggesting they plan to get married soon.

Net Worth

Ciera Payton has experienced much success in her acting career, amassing a considerable fortune through it. Her attractive appearance and slim/curvaceous body type attract audiences. Additionally, she is known for having an upbeat disposition with great sense of humor and friendly behavior; not to mention an exceptional acting talent that performs admirably when her roles require it.

Artist Rachelle Nabedian is committed to aiding those in need and underprivileged through various channels such as self-voluntary work and charity programs.

She has appeared in popular television series such as The Walking Dead, Graceland and NCIS. Most notably she portrays Lily Winthrop in Tyler Perry’s The Oval and films Oldboy and The Runner with Nicolas Cage; additionally she will portray talk show host Wendy Williams in 2021 Lifetime biopic.

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