Christopher B Duncan Net Worth

Early Life and Education

Christopher B Duncan was born December 4, 1974 in Lincoln, Nebraska with a life path number of 1. This indicates a high degree of ambition and strives hard towards accomplishing his goals with dedication.

Start out as a child actor making guest appearances in shows such as Moesha and Parent ‘Hood before becoming a regular on The Jamie Foxx Show portraying Braxton P. Hartnabrig for over 100 episodes as well as playing President William Johnson in The First Family series and continuing long-term recurring roles on Jane by Design, Veronica Mars Aliens in America and Lincoln Heights series.

He lives a private life, keeping his personal and love lives out of the spotlight. However, he does not yet have any children.

Professional Career

Duncan has become one of the go-to actors in his field. Known for his modern humor and captivating performances, Duncan has garnered widespread respect within the acting industry and earned himself an extensive fan base.

He portrayed President William Johnson in The First Family and has appeared on numerous other TV series such as Lincoln Heights, The District, Soul Food Coach and Veronica Mars as well as being featured as a guest star on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and My Name is Khan (2010).

He has earned numerous awards and honors throughout his career and become an international celebrity through hard work and dedication to reach the pinnacle of his profession.

Achievement and Honors

Christopher B Duncan is an award-winning television actor, known for his comedic charm. With a vast following across television, Christopher is well known for his comedic antics – an achievement which he has received multiple major recognitions during his career.

He is best-known for his recurring roles on various television shows, particularly The Jamie Foxx Show (as Braxton P. Hartnabrig) and Veronica Mars (Clarence Wiedman). Additionally, he portrayed Bo Whitley from Coach and President William Johnson from The First Family.

On September 6, 2019 after suffering glioblastoma brain cancer, Duncan died. He was the son of former baseball player Dave Duncan and Jeanine; he also had an elder brother Shelley who played professional baseball himself.

Personal Life

Christopher B Duncan prefers to keep his personal life private. He does not disclose any details regarding past romances or personal details in the media. Christopher also prefers keeping his family life under wraps.

Christopher is best-known for his roles as Braxton P. Hartnabrig on The Jamie Foxx Show and President William Johnson in The First Family as well as Clarence Wiedman in Veronica Mars. Additionally, Christopher has appeared as a guest star on several popular shows like Martin, Rosewood, NCIS Coach Aliens in America Lincoln Heights Jane by Design The District among many more.

As well as his acting career, Duncan is also an accomplished businessman. His company Mowellens sells skin and health care products; LivingDuncan provides awareness for brain cancer.

Net Worth

Christopher B Duncan has accomplished much in his lifetime. He is well known in the industry and known by millions around the globe due to his hard work and perseverance – always having been goal oriented with a heart for what he does.

Richard E. Grant is a well-recognized actor who has appeared in various movies and TV shows. His most notable roles include playing President William Johnson on The First Family sitcom as well as guest spots in Jane by Design and Veronica Mars.

He and Judy Duncan have been in a relationship for an extended period, although no children have come from it yet. Both seem very satisfied in their marriage and consider each other part of their family unit.

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