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China Mac Net Worth – Hip Hop Artist

China Mac is a rapper who has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He was born and raised in Brooklyn and has a diverse background – from a former gang member to a rapper. He started rapping and studying music during his years in the gang. He hopes to collaborate with juvenile detention center kids in freestyle rap in the future. As of this writing, the rapper is not married and is currently dating Ohashi Reynold.

100k to 1 million

The net worth of China Mac is estimated to be anywhere between $100k and $1 million. He is a rapper who has spent a significant amount of time in prison. In 2003, he was sentenced to three years in prison after being convicted of a gang-related offense. The incident happened when he shot a man in the back, causing him to be partially paralyzed. Mac has not been married, nor has he had children.

China Mac was born in Brooklyn, New York, and has been in the music industry for almost 20 years. He is the co-founder of Red Money Records, a recording studio and label. Before launching his own career, he was a member of the Chinese-American group Ghost Shadows.

Born in Brooklyn

Born in Brooklyn, New York, China Mac is a hip hop artist who rose to prominence with his song “Buck a Cop.” He later collaborated with Dave East and Jadakiss and launched his own label, Red Money Records. Born in Brooklyn, China Mac was raised by his mother, who gave him the stage name. He began writing songs at an early age and soon earned notoriety for his anti-police brutality anthem, “Buck A Cop.”

Mac is an American rapper, activist, and former gang member. After serving time in prison for felony crimes, he became a top rapper in the hip hop scene. He released from prison in 2017 and has been active on his YouTube channel ever since. He also has a cooking show titled “Mac Eats.”

While growing up, China Mac was heavily influenced by gang culture, and joined the Ghost Shadows street gang at the age of 12. Later, his gang involvement led to his interest in rap and music. He now plans to work on a freestyle rap project with juvenile detention center kids. His net worth is estimated to range between USD 1 million and $100,000.


China Mac is a hip hop artist with an estimated net worth of $100k to USD 1 million. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Mac is 38 years old. He is a Cancerian, holds an American nationality, and is of mixed ethnicity. He is single. As of 2018, Mac has not disclosed if he is married or has children.

China Mac started promoting his music online in November 2013, launching a YouTube channel with 240,000 subscribers and over 27 million views. In addition to releasing his own music, the rapper has collaborated with other artists. In 2015, he also started his own record label, Red Money Records. Mac’s net worth is a result of his music and his business ventures. He has earned the majority of his money from his music, which he released through his label Red Money Records and his recording studio. His music is distributed through social media, which has helped him to increase his net worth.

Born Raymond Yu, China Mac is an American rapper who first rose to fame with his anti-police brutality song “Buck a Cop”. Having collaborated with other hip hop artists such as Jadakiss and Dave East, China Mac has built a huge following on social media. He also co-founded Red Money Records with Dave East. Before starting his musical career, Yu was involved in criminal activities. After serving several years in prison, he became a rapper, releasing several songs and becoming a rap superstar.

Former gang member

China Mac is a well-known rapper who rose to fame as a former gang member. He gained notoriety through his collaborations with artists like Dave East and JADAKISS. During his incarceration, Mac was able to develop his freestyle rapping skills. He is a Cancerian by birth and has a net worth of about $100k.

The former gang member of China Mac is based in Brooklyn, New York. He was born in 1982 and has Chinese and American nationalities. His father was a member of the Chinese-American gang Flying Dragons during the 1980s. He served a three-year prison sentence when he was just 18 years old and was again incarcerated in 2017 for parole violation. The rapper has a huge fan base on social media and has made a name for himself as an activist.

China Mac started rapping in his childhood and soon proved to be one of the most talented rappers in the United States. In addition to rapping, he plays online video games and is a good player. However, his criminal past eventually led to his arrest. He spent several years in jail, but eventually managed to recover from his time there and launch a record label, Red Money Records.

Earns most of his money from rapping

The rapper Jay Z is the exception to the rule, earning most of his money from his music. Though he does have several revenue streams from various sources, not every rapper can do the same. A rapper needs the right capital to start up his own business, the right people to manage it, and smarts to make the best use of these resources. He also needs to be aware of the current state of album sales, which has decreased in recent years.

Has a girlfriend

China Mac net worth has a girlfriend. According to reports, the hip hop singer is not married but has a girlfriend named Ohashi Reynold. As of 2019, the singer does not have any children. He has one Instagram account, which is both personal and professional. His followers total around 236 thousand.

He is a good player of online video games. His girlfriend is also a good gamer. The rapper is very well-known for his rapping. In his childhood, China Mac was involved in criminal activities. Upon his release from prison, he started rapping and became famous. He lives in a $300k luxury home and has two expensive cars. He and his girlfriend go on long drives every weekend.

China Mac’s wife is not a rapper, but she is a songwriter. Her net worth is around $2 million. She has a history of committing crimes, including a stint in jail for a crime she did not commit. As for her relationship with China Mac, her relationship with him began rocky, but since she revealed her intentions, her relationship with the rapper has improved.

China Mac was born in Brooklyn and raised in an unusual home. His father was a member of the infamous Flying Dragons gang. He was sentenced to three years in prison at the age of 18 for gang-related offenses, but he was released from prison in 2017. China Mac’s net worth is estimated at $30 million. He is popular on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Has kids

China Mac is a YouTube star who earned a net worth of between $100k and $1 million. He is 38 years old and belongs to the zodiac sign of Cancer. His birthday is July 12, and he was born in Brooklyn, New York. He has no children and is single. His dating and relationship history is not publicly available.

Raymond Yu, the man behind the rap name China Mac, was born on July 12, 1982 in Brooklyn. His real name is Raymond Yu, but he prefers to use China Mac as a stage name. He grew up in Brooklyn, NY and attended local high schools. His father was part of the Flying Dragons gang, which was involved in kidnapping, murder, and drug trafficking during the 1980s. Raymond Yu was introduced to hip-hop when he was eight years old.

While the rapper has not revealed how much he earns from his music, he is reported to be worth over $300,000. Despite spending years in gang life, he has gone on to become a popular rapper in the hip-hop scene. After his release, he’s been active on YouTube, where he hosts a food show called Mac Eats.

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