Chelan David

Personal Life of Chelan David

Chelan David is a freelance writer from Kansas City. When not writing, he enjoys reading, running and traveling.

Although we lack information on anadromous fish taken by Chelan at lake or river ports, salmon and steelhead trout were staple foods. They could also be found elsewhere along the Columbia or in Wenatchi neighbors’ countries downriver (Ray 1942:104).

Early Life and Education

Chelan David was born on January 15th 1976 in Seattle, Washington to Louis and Phyllis who both practiced medicine. David excelled academically while developing an interest in sports; his parents served as role models and nurtured him for success. Throughout grade school and college he made several moonlighting trips to Las Vegas and San Francisco before earning an MBA at University of California Berkeley. As an avid traveler who has seen much of the world, Chelan cherishes time spent with his children during these trips.

Professional Career

Chelan David is a geoengineer who assists clients in adhering to environmental protection regulations. With an appreciation for our natural resources, Chelan relishes the challenge of working with project proponents on how best to balance development/infrastructure needs with regulations that protect sensitive habitats, species and water sources.

He has five children and three grandsons, which he enjoys camping and water sports like crabbing. When not working, he takes his family on hikes or runs in the mountains where they can take in all of our stunning Pacific Northwest landscapes. Additionally, he’s an adventurous risk taker who enjoys cliff jumping – he has jumped from around 60 feet high! Finally, he and his wife are active members of Chelan County Bar Association.

Achievement and Honors

Chelan David is an award-winning attorney in the Wenatchee Valley who volunteers his services to those facing debt and considering filing bankruptcy.

He has a deep-seated passion for helping those in need. In 2017, he assisted five women file for bankruptcy and relieved them of over $200,000 of their financial strain.

He loves spending time with his wife Kathy and children. Together they enjoy camping and watersports in Eastern Washington state, while he also takes risks by enjoying cliff jumping as a hobby for fun.

Personal Life

Personal life refers to an individual’s private and independent experience. It may encompass hobbies and interests as well as relationships and activities which are kept private from others.

Contrasting personal life with professional career requires that an individual to live up to the expectations of their profession. While personal life is often valued more than professional life, it’s essential to recognize the distinctions between them.

David Kirtman was a hardworking man who loved his family and the Lake Chelan Valley. He worked in numerous jobs such as restaurant manager, orchard foreman and lead man for Home Depot; he even owned his own landscaping business! David always gave more than he took and had an enormous heart for the community.

Net Worth

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