Cheer Poses

Cheerleading Cheer Poses

Cheerleaders’ body position is crucial in many cheerleading routines. Their chest should be raised, their shoulders should be relaxed and their neck should be extended. The next section will discuss some of the most common cheer poses. These exercises can help you improve your agility, strength, flexibility, and coordination. And remember, these cheer poses are fun to perform and can help you stand out amongst your competition. They can also be beneficial for your physical therapy sessions, too!

Another cheer pose is to bend one knee and is known as “pretty boy.” It rotates the torso in an opposite direction to the lower body. Flyer body positions that improve a cheerleader’s appearance are the “bow and arrow” and the ‘arabesque’. For the more difficult cheer poses, the “needle pose” and “heel stretch” are options. If you’re looking to look more professional, you can try the “liberty” pose.

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