Chaz Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup – Chazz’s Life After Lockup

During my latest visit to ‘Chazz’s’ home, I sat down with him to discuss his life after the lockup. From his escort photos to his divorce hold-up, I got the lowdown on Chazz’s life and his relationship with Branwin.

Chazz and Branwin’s tumultuous relationship

During their time on Love After Lockup, Chazz and Branwin’s relationship went through a roller coaster ride. Chazz has been trying to consummate her marriage with Branwin, but she has been unsuccessful. She also has to deal with the fact that her husband is not ready to commit to a relationship with her. She is worried about leaving her daughter and friends behind. She hopes that everything will work out.

Chazz and Branwin met online. Branwin had been arrested for theft and was sentenced to three years in prison for aggravated identity theft. The two of them met through the website Paper Dolls. Chazz was hesitant to get cozy with Branwin, but she eventually did. Branwin showed signs of discomfort when Chazz kissed her chest. However, she tried to convince Branwin to get sex.

Branwin waited a long time to get out of prison. She was hesitant to commit to Chazz, but when she found out about Chazz’s plans to leave for Kentucky, she decided to move there with her.

Branwin had never been sober during an intimate encounter before, and she had panic attacks while with Chazz. She also struggled to adjust to life outside of prison. She has a 19-year-old daughter named Arienne. Chazz has been spending a lot of money on her before she arrived in the States.

Chazz’s escort photos

During his stint in the clink Chazz has taken the opportunity to get a leg up on his fellow inmates. The best part is he is still able to enjoy his share of the action. Unlike his ex Tayler who was relegated to the gallows after a stint in the clink, Chazz still has the lion’s share of the action.

Chazz is a sucker for a good ol’ fashioned brawl. He enlists the aid of his best friend to round up some of the best of the best. Those same two gents will likely make an appearance on Friday’s Love After Lockup episode. On the horizon are some new additions to the Harbison family including Chazz’s 19 year old daughter Arienne. Aside from her dad’s shady new escorts, there are plenty of sexy chaps to choose from. And while Chazz is certainly not a ladies man, she does have her fair share of men to choose from.

Chazz has been keeping an eye on his wife’s escorts, but the most recent coup is a bit of a letdown. Upon closer inspection of the site’s privacy settings, he finds that not only is Branwin not using the site’s services, but she hasn’t signed up for the aforementioned escorts at all. Not to be outdone, Chazz reveals that she was not the only one he’d found – there was a whole lot of red tape involved.

Chazz’s divorce hold-up

Having Chazz and Branwin as your only living relatives is a bit of a downer. They haven’t had the opportunity to really bond. Branwin has been on the road with his girlfriends and Chazz has been busy with his day job. But when Branwin finally makes his way to Portland he is greeted by a surprise. The big question is will this relationship last?

It’s not surprising that Chazz would have some qualms about the tycoon he and Branwin have created together. He has already discovered that Branwin still runs an escort business. Not that he doesn’t have other interests though. The dude has a penchant for texting suspicious people. If Chazz is to find out the truth, he may have to leave the states.

Chazz and Branwin’s relationship hasn’t been easy on the eyes. The two of them have been the subject of many a sex-related joke. The two of them have been on opposite sides of the aisle for some time now. The biggest pain is that the two of them have a mutual respect that they don’t get to share. The most recent upheaval involved Branwin getting on the bad side of Chazz. Clearly, Branwin hasn’t had the best of luck with Chazz since the day they met. It’s time for Chazz to make amends.

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